Bangkok adjusts area to prepare for construction of EV charging stations for garbage collection vehicles in 3 locations.

Bangkok, Deputy Governor of Bangkok explains the EV garbage collection rental project, adjusting the area to prepare for construction of charging stations in all 3 solid waste disposal centers. Mr. Chakkapan Phew-ngam, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Revealing the case where online media published news that the specifications were locked. Causing the project to rent EV garbage collection vehicles to be delayed. According to the Bangkok Environment Office by the Office of Solid Waste and Sewage Management Studying the details of changing to use EV garbage collection vehicles, the benefits gained from using EV vehicles, the readiness of the private sector to provide EV garbage collection vehicle rental services, and the readiness of charging stations, it was found that at present there is Electric cars are produced and used in many countries around the world. In addition, the private sector is ready to provide rental services for EV garbage collection vehicles, and academics have conducted trials of such vehicles in the Prawet District, Lat Krabang District, Yannawa District, and Dusit District and found that the electric trains are operating normally. Can be used 2-3 times per day, saving costs from using fuel up to 30-40 percent, no exhaust gases from driving and compressing garbage. It doesn't create PM2.5 dust, including compression that doesn't create loud noises. It has a positive effect on the health of the people and the personnel who operate the vehicles. In October 2023, Bangkok agreed to rent EV garbage collection vehicles for 4 projects, totaling 842 vehicles, consisting of 464 5-ton compression garbage collection vehicles, 152 2-ton compression garbage collection vehicles, and 8-cubic container lift garbage collection vehicles. 124 vehicles and 102 garbage collection vehicles with 3 cubic meter containers, totaling 842 vehicles. The Environment Agency appointed a committee to define the scope of TOR's work in October. and began to consider using the information obtained from the study as part of the draf ting of the TOR, with an emphasis on transparency and fairness in the process of drafting the TOR, along with considering the potential of the operators providing services Renting EV cars in Thailand, which has searched for information to prepare the draft TOR through many channels, including sending a letter to the operator Searching from websites Inquiring directly from operators about the components of EV cars, testing the use of various brands of EV cars to collect garbage. Study of documents related to automobiles such as EV car catalogues, details of drive systems. Battery testing standards To be used in drafting the TOR, in determining the various issues in the TOR, consideration has been given to allowing many entrepreneurs the opportunity to submit price proposals. To create fair competition We have heard direct opinions from the Environmental Research Institute. Chulalongkorn University Issara News Agency Fiscal Policy Office Which is currently considering improving TOR to be more appropriate. By ta king opinions from criticism and suggestions to study more information. So that many entrepreneurs can submit proposals and compete fairly. After that, the revised draft TOR will be published again for public comments. Meanwhile, the Environment Agency is preparing to build an EV charging station for waste collection vehicles in the area of ??Bangkok's waste disposal center. in the On Nut, Nong Khaem and Sai Mai areas by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to install the aforementioned electric charging stations sufficient to charge all solid waste collection vehicles. As well as submitting a report on the progress of project implementation to the committee. NACC continuously Including attending meetings to explain to officials and the NACC. As for the case of preparing the median price for electric car rentals, at present Mr. Panuwat Onthet, Director of the Solid Waste Management Service Department As a garbage truck rental agency Appointed as Chairman of the S cope of Regulations (TOR) and Price Determination Committee. Because it is a large project, it requires a lot of responsibility. The agency therefore designated the division director to act as chairman of the board. The Chairman has taken part in determining the TOR. By meeting to listen to the opinions of all directors. and listen to the opinions of directors who have relevant professions together with searching for information from other sources. Including listening to opinions from publishing the draft announcement for 10 days in order to receive as many comments as possible. To improve TOR to be more clear. Using the principle of unanimous agreement only. and is within the scope of relevant laws Including every announcement or circular from the Comptroller General's Department. For deciding on every issue in the TOR to ensure that the specified TOR will not benefit any private sector. and is open to the private sector to submit multiple proposals In the part of preparing the average price The chairman of the board signed a letter to the company requesting permission for the business establishments to submit bids according to the specified period. You can inquire about prices sufficient for comparison as determined by the Budget Office. The bidder can send the information to the Solid Waste or Sewage Management Office. or Director of Solid Waste Management Services As a signatory to the company There were a total of 4 bidders, with the 4th one submitted after the specified date and time. The committee has already considered the median price. Therefore, it was not taken into account in determining the median price this time. The median price is therefore derived from 3 operators, which is sufficient to determine the median price. The committee chose to use the lowest price in setting the median price for all 4 projects. This has passed the inspection of the Finance Department. Environment Bureau and the Fiscal Policy Office Before requesting approval of the announcement and draft TOR to the Governor of Bangkok I n this regard, the determination of the said median price is in accordance with the guidelines for establishing the median price of supplies to be purchased or hired. According to the Government Procurement and Supplies Management Act, 2017, by selecting the method for preparing the median price using the price obtained from investigating prices from the market. to be appropriate to the scope of work or specific characteristics of the materials to be purchased or hired By ascertaining the prices of not less than 3 persons, except in some cases less than 3 persons, ascertain as much as is available. And when the prices have been ascertained, whether there are 3 or more, or in the case of less than 3, which price will be used as a reference price by considering the following actions: 1. In the case of procurement where there is an invitation to announce, use the average as the reference price. unless the government agency considers and considers that The lowest price can be used for procurement. Then use the lo west price as a reference price. 2. In the case of procurement without invitation announcement Use the lowest price as a reference price. 'The EV solid waste collection vehicle rental project has been carried out by the Environment Agency in accordance with the legal requirements. In the past, we have visited the area to follow up on the construction progress of the EV garbage collection charging station at the Nong Khaem Solid Waste Disposal Center. together with the administrators of the Environment Office Including meetings to follow up on various projects. continuously To be aware of problems and obstacles in the process As well as giving advice on solving various problems. In order to carry out operations with accuracy and transparency,' said the Deputy Governor of Bangkok. Source: Thai News Agency