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Call for the opposition whip Discuss the time frame for discussing section 152.

Bangkok, The government whip revealed that yesterday the opposition whip did not come to the meeting of the two party whips. Discussing the discussion framework for Section 152, calling for the use of a joint whipping forum for the House of Representatives. Negotiate a solution Not responding through the media Mr. Akradet Wongpitakroj, Ratchaburi MP, spokesman for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. (RTA) as The Coalition Coordinating Committee or Government Whip said yesterday (April 1) Mr. Phichet Chuemuangphan Vice President of the House of Representatives Made an appointment with the opposition whip and the government whip. Come join the meeting to determine the details of opening a general debate according to Section 152 without voting on April 3-4, but it appears that the opposition party Refusing to attend the meeting as arranged, Mr. Pichet, as chairman of the meeting and government whip Then came to sit and wait in the conference room. Mr. Akradet said that originally, as far as he knew, the two sides had briefly discussed it. That is, the opposition has 22 hours to debate. The government through the minister was given 6 hours to explain, but when looking at the general debate of the Senate according to Section 153 The government chief whip has been informed of the problem from the Cabinet that the minister has only 3 hours per day to explain, which is not enough to explain the questions of the senators. It affects the perception of citizens who listen to the debate and affects the image of the government. Therefore, the House of Representatives debate took 2 days, with 6 hours allocated to the Cabinet for clarification, which would not be enough time to clarify doubts or allegations. The government therefore came to discuss in the government whip that The government should have more time from 6 hours to 10 hours, the original opposition from 22 hours to 18 hours, so that the minister has more time to explain. Otherwise it will be a one-sided debate. It will be detrimental to the minister and the governmen t as well. 'It is reasonable. Therefore, a meeting was arranged to discuss the opposition and the government. to talk to gain understanding But it turned out that the opposition party did not come to the meeting. But responding through the media made me and my fellow members who are government whips uncomfortable. It has become a bad image for the council. Therefore, I would like to ask the president of the council Make an appointment to come to a new meeting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. If you still don't know what to talk about. It must be proposed to be voted on at the council meeting. This will not be beneficial to the joint meeting of both sides. I therefore urge the opposition to attend the two-party whip meeting tomorrow morning. Before there is also a meeting of the House of Representatives,' Mr. Akradet said. Mr. Akradet said that at the meeting the government whip had a whip. Some people have suggested that the 28-hour discussion time should be divided into 14 hours per side to give each side a chance. G overnment MPs discussed and brought people's problems to discuss, asked questions, and gave advice to the Cabinet. which is the right of members If it were like that, it would reduce the opposition's time further. Therefore, tomorrow (April 3) in the morning, we ask that the opposition party come to the meeting. Let's talk with reason. It would be better without having to vote in the House. Which if it reaches the point of voting to share time together It will make working together in the future not smooth. Therefore, from now on, I would like both sides to respect each other's reasons. I don't want to see the response back and forth through the media. 'The government doesn't want the opposition to play games with this issue. The government doesn't want to play games. Because we consider the reasons How to make the discussion under Section 152 smooth and beneficial to the people?' Mr. Akradet . Source: Thai News Agency