Commerce warns of discovery of a group of scammers claiming to have fraudulent accounts to transfer money.

Nonthaburi 17 Nov. – Department of Business Development Reminder: Quality Accounting Office's mark has already been registered as a trademark. Who uses it without permission? Ready to report legal action to the utmost. After finding fraudsters impersonating a legal entity and using the logo to deceive the business sector Claiming to be an accountant, hoping to trick people into transferring money

Director General of the Department of Business Development Clarified after being informed that a criminal had taken the mark. “Quality Accounting Office” issued by the Department to trick juristic persons who hire them to do accounting. This is because the mark has been registered as a trademark. The type of mark has been certified to the Department of Intellectual Property. Registration number 221222261. If anyone uses it without permission, strict legal action will be taken. along with suggestions on how to check the existence of a juristic person and check the list of quality accounting offices at the Department Provide certification through the website Emphasizes that modern entrepreneurs must be aware of scammers' scams. Check for sure before transferring money. Otherwise, you may become a victim of cyber thieves.

Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that “a fraudster used the name of the company MTK Ko Ngern Lan Thailand Co., Ltd. to falsely claim to use the logo. "Quality Accounting Firm" and created a fake accounting firm quality certificate to deceive the business sector for accounting work. The Department has checked the name in the business data warehouse system or DataWarehouse+ and did not find that it was registered as a juristic person. and did not find any information requesting certification as a quality accounting firm. In order to prevent the business sector and the public from believing the fraudsters who use such impersonation methods, the Department asks the business sector and the public to pay attention to the importance of checking the information of legal entities every time before making a decision, whether it is purchasing goods, using services, or participating. investment or even students looking for an internship. By asking to first check the identity status of the legal entity through the DBD DataWarehouse+ system on the Department of Business Development website. or through the DBD e-Service application, which can be downloaded through Android and IOS systems

Source: Thai News Agency