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Fire at a rented house in Soi Mo Leng, a security guard. A young man died in the fire.

Bangkok, May 27 – A fire in a rented house in Soi Mo Leng community on Ratchaprarop Road killed a 28-year-old security guard who had just gone off duty this morning. died in the fire

On May 27, 2023, Din Daeng Police Station investigators together with the Din Daeng District Disaster Mitigation Officers Foundation staff in the neighborhood Bring a fire engine to extinguish the fire at the rented house at the end of Soi Mo Leng, Ratchaprarop Road, Makkasan Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok. The officers took about 30 minutes to control the fire in a limited area.

Initially, from the investigation, it was found that the crime scene was a one-story wooden house with an area of 100-150 square meters, divided into several rented rooms. The condition was burnt, leaving only ashes. Inside the house, one deceased was found, a male known by name, Mr. Sodsai Yothanan, 28, who died in the fire. from asking the villagers know that the deceased was a security officer who just left duty in the morning and came back to rest in the room until such a tragic event occurred

The police at the Din Daeng Police Station are waiting for the forensics officers. and Bangkok Let's jointly investigate the true cause of the fire.

Mr. Nantapong Sinma, district director of Ratchathewi district, revealed that the incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. The cause of the fire was still being investigated. But the aforementioned house is a one-story wooden house and is under inspection. There was 1 death, a man who worked as a security guard, was sleeping after being off duty. The said house is a large house divided into 4 rooms for rent and is in the process of following up with the tenant. Assistance Division of the Disaster Mitigation Bureau Coordinated with the Rajaprachanukroh Foundation to bring survival bags to distribute to people affected by the incident. The Ratchathewi District Office is preparing to set up a temporary help center for affected people in the area of Ratchathewi Phirom Park.

The director of the Ratchathewi district also stated that During the incident, the officers were notified that there were 2 missing persons in the fire, but from the investigation. Only 1 person died, while another 1 person was found and went outside to do business.

From a preliminary examination of the crime scene, a body was found near the eaves of the house, with worms crushing 3 wires, leading officials to believe that the deceased should have been electrocuted before falling. and the fire burns up the corpse of the dead until it burned down the house until such damage occurred.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency