Happy to get a black card, run barefoot 7 km home.

Nakhon Ratchasima, A young man from Korat is happy to have received a black card. Running home barefoot In the hot sun, over a distance of 7 km, friends flocked to rejoice. Revealed he wore a red shirt to get the trick The atmosphere of collecting red cards and black cards for military conscription in Nakhon Ratchasima Province is bustling in many districts. Especially at the multi-purpose building of Chaloem Phrakiat District Office. There is a list of 308 Thai men of age eligible for military conscription from 5 sub-districts after passing a physical examination. and submitting documents requesting a waiver There are 111 Thai men left who must receive red cards and black cards, with a total of 54 red cards. There are 13 people who have applied for military service, leaving a total of 41 red cards. When it's time to catch the red and black cards The atmosphere was lively. There's a whole bunch of curses. and the cheering crowd came to give strength As for those who were caught with red cards and black car ds, many people carried the technique of wearing black shirts. in the hope of catching the black card Mr. Rames Nomklang, 20 years old, young construction professional. Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which was the first person in the district to catch a red card and a black card. Wear a red shirt that is different from everyone else. When the official called for him to walk in and catch the red or black card, many supporters cheered saying that any red card would make him feel weak in the knees. The officer had to hug and support himself. But when the official announced that it was a black card He raised his fist and shouted with joy. and go sign it After that, we went outside the multi-purpose building. and took off his red shirt, took off his shoes, and ran barefoot on Phetmatukla Road. Amidst the sweltering 40 degrees Celsius weather with friends in the same village. riding a motorcycle Come keep us safe. and provide encouragement along the way Mr. Ramesh said that before he went to be drafted into the military, I made a promise to my friend that If you get a red card Willing to waste money on liquor But if you get a red card Will run barefoot from the district office home. When the conscription day arrives So I found a shirt to wear. But in the house there was only one red shirt that had been washed. The others had not yet been washed, so he picked it up and wore it, even though someone said that wearing a red shirt might be a bad omen. You can go get a red card. But he thought it might be a trick that would allow him to catch a black card, so he wore it. He himself was in line to catch a red card and a black card, being the first person in Chaloem Phrakiat District. When I went out to catch the red and black cards, I was very excited. When he learned that he had received a black card, he was very happy and immediately called his family to tell them that he had received the black card. and fulfill the promise you made to your friend Went out for a barefoot run from Chaloem Phra Kiat District Office. Go on Phetmatukla Road. Let's go home. Which is more than 7 kilometers from the district office, with a friend who also caught a black card running along and having friends in the same village. Riding a motorcycle to give encouragement along the way. Source: Thai News Agency