“Jay” is happy to shoot against his old team Frontale even though they lost 2-4.

Japan, "Jay Chanathip" is happy to be able to score a goal for his old team, even though at the end of the game BG Pathum United lost to Frontale 2-4, AFC Football. Champions League

AFC football Champions League 2023-24, match 4, first round, Group I, at Todoroki Stadium, Japan, Kawasaki Frontale, blue-black shirt. The leader of the group with 9 full points meets BG Pathum United, the 4th place team in the group that does not yet have a score, led by "Jay" Chanathip Songkrasin, who returns to visit his old place again in the 18th minute, Front. Tale took the lead 1-0 from a penalty from Yasuto Wakizaka, but in the 33rd minute the home goalkeeper misdirected the ball to Chanathip before Jay scored against his former team to tie the game. 1-1 However, in the 40th minute, Frontale got a penalty again and it was Yasuto, the same person, who took on the responsibility of scoring a goal to put Frontale in the lead again 2-1, but less than 1 minute later, Chanathi P came to shoot the ball outside the penalty area and the ball ricocheted off the Frontale defence. A beautiful goal for BG to equalize 2-2 and was the second goal of Chanathip who scored against his old team in the first half. It ended the first half tied 2-2.

Second half, 57 minutes, Freddie Alvarez, attacking midfielder for BG's Costa Rica national team. Got a red card and got kicked out of the field. After the referee checked VAR, the moment he raised his foot to support the opponent, leaving BG with 10 people left, in the 68th minute Frontale had more players. Came to score the lead again 3-2 from Kazuya Yamamura's header and in the 90+8 minute Taiche Miyaziro came to score the final goal for Kawasaki Frontale to win at home against B. G Pathum United 4-2, making them play 4 matches and win in a row with 12 points guaranteed to advance to the round of 16. As for BG, they have played 4 matches and still have no points.

After the game ended, Jay said he was happy to be able to score 2 goals against his old team in this game. Just like I dreamed of being able to score a goal in this game. This game has Frontale fans. and Thai football fans Come and wait to support Chanathip after the game and ask for an autograph. Even after moving to BG, Frontale fans Still giving a warm welcome

As for the other result, Johor Darul Takzim, red shirts, won at home against Ulsan Hyundai 2-1, with Johor getting goals from Haberty Fernandes and Akhyaar Rashid, while Ulsan Hyundai San got a goal from Aturu Isaka, causing Johor to have 6 points, level with Ulsan, but Ulsan's goal was better.

Source: Thai News Agency