Internal Affairs

Looking at the news about the cabinet reshuffle, there is no reason.

Government House, "Suthin" confirms that he has not yet received a signal that he will be removed from the Cabinet. The latter's name has been leaked from time to time. Looking at the government and parliament as being cohesive, there is no reason to make adjustments. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Referring to the signs of a cabinet reshuffle (Cabinet), he said he didn't know and didn't think about it. When asked if he had received a signal from the Prime Minister that he should move. Will he go to any ministry or will the Prime Minister come and do it himself? Mr. Suthin said that there is no. The latest signal he received is that there will be no adjustments. He is still comfortable, still working normally and enjoying his work. When asked again if he really was fined, Mr. Suthin said that it would be okay. As for whether being a minister is considered the highest point of life or not, Mr. Suthin said that it is not the highest point of life. It was considered an opportunity to work for t he country. To be honest, I didn't think anything of it. When I saw the news, it didn't seem reasonable. When asked about the reason why he was always the target of being removed from the Cabinet, Mr. Suthin said in a good mood that There are always names because they are always interesting. Be an interesting person As for the news of the Cabinet reshuffle following the motion to debate general section 152, has the Pheu Thai Party sent a signal or not? Mr. Suthin said that there has been no, but that this party will be brought in. Seems unreasonable The Cabinet is tight at this time and the House of Representatives is tight to the max. There are no problems. Freedom in the House of Representatives remains tight. 'There is no news of the Democrat Party joining the Cabinet and I don't believe it because the House of Representatives has a lot of hands and is already tight. I don't see much, there is no crisis in the House of Representatives. It's not an atmosphere that can be adjusted. Adding the Democrat Par ty is possible. But is it necessary? Is it worth it? For me, whoever goes, whoever comes will have no problem,' Mr. Suthin said. When asked if he had talked with the ministers of the Pheu Thai Party, Mr. Suthin said that he had not talked, he was just doing work, different people were doing it. Source: Thai News Agency