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Military and police announce reception of 41 Thais from Lao Kai

Chiang Rai, Pha Mueang Army joins with the Ministry of Defense and Immigration to announce the reception of 41 Thais in Lao Kai. Emphasizes separating people with cases - victims of human trafficking - call centers, along with providing remedies, pointing out that this is a lesson. Find preventative measures Prepare to discuss with the TBC committee on 30 November.

18 Nov. 2023 at Mengrai Maharat Camp, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, Maj. Gen. Praphat Phopsuwan, Commander of the Pha Mueang Force. Collaborate with relevant agencies such as the Immigration Police Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Attended a press conference on helping Thai people from Lao Kai that from the conflict situation in Myanmar Lao Kai city area and Nandeng city As a result, approximately 305 Thai people traveling to work were affected and insecure, divided into approximately 264 people in the Lao Kai area and 41 people in the Nandeng area.

This operation is carried out according to the steps. with the Special Forces Unit of Chao Tak Pha Muang Army As the Thai-Myanmar Local Border Committee (TBC) is the main operational unit. with the Myanmar military forces, regional soldiers, Triangle Army It is the main unit for coordinating to bring Thai people out of risk areas. and is a caretaker Facilitate movement from the area The 3rd Army Region arranged personnel and vehicles to welcome 41 Thai people back into the country. Mae Sai River Bridge Area No. 1 and continue on to the 37th Military Circle, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province, to enter the screening process. There are police officers in charge of the questioning process.

He emphasized that all 41 Thai people are still considered victims. There are also officials from the Chiang Rai Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office. Carry out remedies for both physical and mental conditions. Including further vocational training with the Ministry of Labor.

Maj. Gen. Praphat further said that for the Thai people still remaining in Lao Kai city. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Defense The Royal Thai Army has coordinated with Myanmar. To prepare for moving Thai people out of the area as quickly as possible. to send back to Thailand This matter is a delicate matter. Every party tried their best to help. Preparations are being made now. and has coordinated with Myanmar to take care of safety.

As for prevention guidelines Do not allow Thai people to cross the border illegally to work as call center gangs. Relevant agencies must take this matter as a lesson. In order to prevent an incident like this from happening again. Including finding ways to prevent cases where there will be Thai people illegally working illegally. As for the TBC committee, it will meet again on November 30th to resolve the said issue.

for the separation process We already have information on who the accused is. and is the victim The police already have all the information. As for the soldiers, they just do their duty of facilitation and care. Then there will be the matter of the separation process. Whoever needs to be compensated, the MSD will take action. As for who is at fault? The police took action.

Source: Thai News Agency