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‘Muay Thai’ invades ‘Guangzhou’. The response is overwhelming, creating soft power internationally.

National Sports Development Fund (NSDF), Royal Thai Consulate-General in Guangzhou, Boxing Committee, Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand, Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. and the International Federation of Muay Thai Associations (IFMA) jointly organized activities to promote the art of Muay Thai in China. Between 22-24 September last in Guangzhou, China, in order to promote the sport of Muay Thai, which is the soft power of Thailand, to be spread to the international level. and set the Muay Thai standard, One Standard Muaythai (OSM), with Dr. Chao Watyotha and Assistant Professor Dr. Anan Meksawan, two famous international Muay Thai teachers, including Pinphet Banchamek, a Muay Thai boxer of Pga-Kayor descent from Mae Hong Son Province. Join the group to open a clinic teaching Muay Thai skills to trainees, both theoretical and and practical which received feedback from the club and the Muay Thai Association of China in sending many Muay Thai athletes to receive training

The project is organized according to the 20-year national strategic plan, which places emphasis on sports. and recreation based on sports science To be a tool for promoting sports development Human resource development Develop quality of life build a reputation and the dignity of the country including promoting the sports industry Sports tourism to create value and economic value to Thailand Therefore, the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand has a role and duty in carrying out professional boxing activities in promoting and promote the sport of professional Muay Thai to be known internationally. Including promoting the Muay Thai industry both in the form of products and services to increase economic value through the Muay Thai industry business Create income for Muay Thai personnel Therefore, a project was organized to disseminate the art of Muay Thai in China in order to promote the sport of Muay Thai. It also connects Thai-Chinese relations. Make it even tighter.

Activities in Guangzhou, China, divided into 2 parts: 1.Tenning activities at the sport hall, organized for 2 days, and 2.Thai boxing and cultural arts activities. At Wanda Mall, it promotes Muay Thai, Wai Khru, ancient boxing, Muay Thai, art and cultural performances from the 4 regions, teaching the basics of Muay Thai. To promote the culture of Muay Thai sports. Let foreigners at the event have awareness Basic Muay Thai training activities, which is considered One Standard, the only standard of Muay Thai. To disseminate knowledge to the international community The atmosphere at the event was typical of Chinese people. Including youth showing interest in learning the curriculum. and the art of Muay Thai in large numbers It is very gratifying that many Chinese people and youths from South China Normal University are interested in participating in the activities.

Project to promote the art of Muay Thai in China It is also a way to publicize the sport of Muay Thai. Promote art and culture which is the identity of Thainess to be more widely known in China It also connects diplomatic relations by promoting the sport of Muay Thai. Thai art and culture, while also promoting the Thai boxing industry to China in a comprehensive manner. and can expand Thai boxing products widely both in product form and concrete Muay Thai services cooperation and coordinate with Muay Thai sports network organizations both in the country and abroad as well The 3-day activities were broadcast live through online media with over 7.5 million viewers, including television programs. of Guangdong Province Came to film a program to broadcast the art of Muay Thai. From leading this activity

Mrs. Jiraporn Sudanich, Consul General in Guangzhou, revealed that for the Muay Thai Soft Power event that was held in Guangzhou. It was considered a success. For all 3 days, there were Chinese viewers who came to see it. Both join in practicing Muay Thai skills with us. Including coming to watch the show and exchange opinions about the art of Muay Thai Such activities are considered activities that help stimulate and attract people in Guangzhou. and nearby cities Many people came to watch and participate in the activities. It was considered a success. Making Muay Thai return to sports space again in Guangzhou after the COVID-19 situation has passed. In which Muay Thai in Guangzhou has a training facility. There are many Muay Thai gymnasiums.

“We can see that People who participate in the activity gain real knowledge. and insight into the sport of Muay Thai The sport of Muay Thai is a good connection for people of China and other nations to practice and learn together. It is considered a very welcome success,” said the Consul-General in Guangzhou.

Panya Hanlamyuang, committee for monitoring budget expenditures of the National Sports Development Fund, revealed that the project to disseminate the art of Muay Thai in China Between 22-24 September, our objective is to bring Muay Thai to all corners of the world, embracing the traditions of Thailand. Most importantly, Muay Thai creates income for the country. The story of Mae Mai Muay Thai, the art of Muay Thai, as well as bringing the performing arts of each region of Thailand to show. At this time, all over the world, especially Guangzhou, China, is paying attention to Muay Thai activities. folk performance and products from Thailand very much It must be considered that we have had great success in bringing Muay Thai to the public. in Guangzhou city It is believed that in the future Muay Thai will spread to every corner of the world. The important thing is that Soft Power will generate a lot of income into Thailand. At the same time, the Consulate in Guangzhou participated in recording a video to distribute throughout China. and forward it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for transmission to all nations around the world. I admire all parties. All agencies working together to push Muay Thai around the world And hope to see Muay Thai have the same standards around the world.

For next time Thailand Will travel to organize a project to spread the art of Muay Thai. in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region During November 2023

Source: Thai News Agency