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“Pheu Thai” campaigns on the Thonburi side, walks through 3 markets, 1 book fair

Bangkok, April 7- "Srettha" leads "Phuea Thai" to campaign on the Thonburi side. Get on the train in 40 years before going up two rows to the MRT. One evening, walking 3 markets, 1 book fair. He said he had to expand the Thai trains for more people to use.

Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister's Candidate and Chief Advisor to the Head of Pheu Thai Family, Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlaeo, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Political Affairs in Bangkok Area, Mr. Warawut Yancharoen, Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Political Affairs Area in Bangkok, Pheu Thai Party Mr. Chakrapong Sangmanee, registrar and working group on the Pheu Thai Party's economy, Mr. Danuporn Punnakanta, chairman of the Bangkok campaign committee, Ms. Kattiya Sawatdiphon, spokesman for Bangkok, Mr. Praphat Jongsanguan, party-list MP candidate together with Mr. Silpawit Noisommit, candidate for MP for Khlong San District, Thon Buri District (except Wat Kanlaya Subdistrict) Hiran Ruchi Subdistrict and Bang Yi Ruea Subdistrict), Rat Burana District (Only in Bang Pakok Subdistrict), Pheu Thai Party and Mr. Arum Tum Noi, Bangkok Yai District, Phasi Charoen District (Except Bang Wa Subdistrict Bang Duan and Wang Klong Kwang Subdistricts), Thonburi District (Only Wat Kanlaya Subdistrict Hiran Ruchi Subdistrict and Bang Yi Ruea Subdistrict), Taling Chan District (only in Bang Chueak Nang Subdistrict), Bangkok Noi District (Only Siriraj Subdistrict)

In which Mr. Settha and his team walked the train station market before boarding the train at Wongwian Yai Station, which is the connecting point of goods from Mahachai Market, which is a large market to the city of Bangkok, is considered one of the economic points of the people. Bangkok to go to Talat Phlu Station The Pheu Thai party committee met with merchants, vendors, and people's brothers and sisters around Talat Phlu. Mr. Srettha stated that this was considered a train ride in more than 40 years, with the last time getting on. He took a ride to Chiang Mai with his friends at the age of 18. However, in the past, we often saw people complaining about the train not being on time and the condition of the train being bad. Found out that the train arrived on time. Even though it was a second-class train, it was clean, the car didn't get stuck, the wind was good. It should be able to add a lot more. Which the railway must keep campaigning and understand to let people know about this point If in the future there is a campaign to use more trains The economy around the train will also improve. There are more trades too.

Later, the group traveled by train. Leaving Talad Phlu train station Go to Wutthakat Train Station Before traveling by minibus from Wutthakat train station Go to the walking market and meet the people around the walking market. The atmosphere from getting on the train to walking through the three markets is bustling. people welcome Ready to ask to take a picture with Mr. Srettha and many Pheu Thai party members. Therefore, stop by to eat Lod Chong Singapore and talk to the applicant team about pushing Talat Phlu to become one of the soft powers of the Thonburi area.

Mr. Srettha talked about visiting the area with the applicants. MPs of the Pheu Thai Party that He met Mr. Silpawit everywhere. He went to help everyone. Wherever he went, he had only acquaintances. Here will be the proof. By May 14th, be assured that it will be until May 14th that is Election Day. His weight will drop a lot. Mr. Srettha also joked that “This will be the KPI for all MP candidates in Bangkok that they must lose their weight. Because the campaign was in the summer and we walked hard in the area. And if he becomes an MP, the weight will not increase. Because I have to go to the area continuously Being an MP, you can't rest. Must go to the area to meet the people's brothers and sisters "

Then at 6:30 p.m., Mr. Settha and the Pheu Thai Party leaders traveled by minibus from the walking market to the Tha Phra MRT station to take the MRT to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. to attend the 51st National Book Week .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency