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Prime Minister hopes to talk with China-Saudi Arabia Hurry to help Thai people in Israel

The Prime Minister hopes to use personal relationships to discuss with leaders of many nations. Helping Thai workers in Israel while visiting China Finding a conclusion about the Royal Thai Navy's submarine has been unfinished for a long time. Prepare to talk with Saudi leaders Request to open airspace for Royal Thai Air Force planes to fly directly, no need to make detours.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gave an interview after the Cabinet meeting about his trip to the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) in the People's Republic of China. and the 1st ASEAN Gulf Cooperation Council Summit (ASEAN-GCC Summit) in Saudi Arabia. Between 16-22 Oct. about using personal relationships to talk to ask for help for Thai workers in Israel who want to travel to Thailand or not, there were many leaders who went. will use personal relationships And as we all know, this requires diplomacy. Both official and informal channels On the occasion of meeting leaders of many countries this time, we will discuss this matter. I believe that it is a matter that every country leader gives importance to and is concerned about. I want everything to end well. There are also many trade and diplomatic matters that we have plans for. We have a tight schedule.

When asked whether this trip to China would be an opportunity to discuss the submarine procurement that still has problems, the Prime Minister said he would go and discuss this matter as well. and hope to talk When he went to the Assembly of Nations in the United States. I think there will be a conclusion. However, I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Because it is a delicate matter Must have good management But he confirmed that it was a problem that had to be fixed. The discussion is to find a solution that all parties can accept. Because it is a problem that has been pending for a long time. I want it to be procured and can be used. Or if it's not a submarine, can it be exchanged for something else? Is it a boat above water? which must also be able to answer the needs of the Navy If it is an overwater ship, the navy's maritime potential must be enhanced as well. Hope to find a conclusion.

As for whether the high-speed rail project will be continued with China or not, the Prime Minister said he was not sure whether he would make an announcement about high-speed rail or not. But will talk in detail. Because logistics is important to attract foreign investors. So the story of Land Bridge was introduced. Because high-speed rail is not the entire solution. It's part of the solution. We must have all the solutions.

When asked about the case of there being criticism of the Air Force plane that was going to help Thai people who Israel was unable to fly directly to. But you have to fly indirectly and take more time. While South Korean planes can fly directly. Reflecting on whether our diplomacy is inferior or not, the minister said that he had not yet received information on the matter. But I don't think that's right.

When asked to reiterate whether he had received reports on progress in coordinating assistance for Thai people from Israel, the Prime Minister said that there was no further information. Because this time is about 6-7 a.m. in Israel. I think there will be a report in Thailand this afternoon. Before he gets on the plane to travel to China, he will make another statement.

As for the case of Air Force aircraft being unable to fly through Saudi airspace, Will we use the opportunity of this visit to talk and ask for help? The Prime Minister said it was a good suggestion. and think that we must talk He will meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia There will probably be negotiations on many matters.

Source: Thai News Agency