Sugarcane farmers thank the government for reducing costs and allowing sugar to rise.

Nonthaburi, A group of 100 sugarcane farmers came to thank the Ministry of Commerce. That helped approve the price increase of sugar to 2 baht per kg., even though it was not 4 baht per kg. as sugarcane farmers requested. To help reduce and alleviate suffering from the rising cost of growing sugarcane. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry is preparing to present to the Cabinet a request for over 8,000 million baht in outstanding sugarcane cutting payments for 2022/2023 to compensate sugarcane farmers.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce It was revealed after representatives of sugarcane farmers associations from across the country from 37 institutions and more than 200 sugarcane farmers visited to thank them for solving the problems of sugarcane farmers from reduced production. Drought and rising costs of cultivation at the Ministry of Commerce Today, representatives from the Sugarcane Farmers Association all over the country came to express their gratitude. who hurriedly solved the problem of sugarcane and sugar in the past We must thank the Prime Minister for opening the way to quickly make corrections. for allowing the price of Ngong Ngao sugar to be increased by 2 baht per kg and thanking the Cabinet for solving many issues to find a balance that benefits all parties Allowing sugar cane farmers to have costs to carry out their operations.

However, the sugarcane farmers asked for another 2 baht. They have to consider the promotion of the fund to solve the problem of PM 2.5 or pollution, which part of the money will be used. Sugar cane farmers may need to discuss further. and sugar which is a controlled product Sugar cane farmers want to return to the old system. Set the sugar free After all problems are completely resolved, the lock will be unlocked. As for the budget of 8,000 million baht, which has been outstanding since the previous government. It is expected that the Ministry of Industry will present to the Cabinet tomorrow a proposal for sugarcane farmers to cut fresh sugarcane to solve the problem of forest burning. He accepted this matter and found a solution and did his best. The government came in during a period of time when spending money still had limitations. After being able to do so, we will compensate the government for what is owed. However, he will talk with Deputy Finance Minister tonight, if the BAAC can come in and take over the matter. Will fix it quickly.

In this regard, I would like to ask sugar cane farmers about sugar cane burning to do so as the rules and regulations of the world are changing. If there is burning and destruction of forests or the atmosphere, it will make it difficult for us to enter the competitive field in the world market. Because the world emphasizes sustainability, quality of life, green agriculture must be as prepared as possible. Sugarcane is an important economic crop of Thailand, with approximately 10,000,000 rai of cultivation area in 47 provinces, almost every region of the country, and there are more than 400,000 households growing sugarcane. current

Mr. Kamthorn Kittichotsap The Advisory Chairman of the Sugarcane Farmers Federation of Thailand said that he would like to thank the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Commerce. The price of sugar was adjusted to be used in calculating the price of sugarcane at 2 baht/kg. The cost of sugarcane farmers has greatly increased. Help us break even in this season where sugarcane prices and sugarcane farmer brothers and sisters are satisfied at a certain level. As for sugar, citizens do not have to worry. We have a lot of sugar left in the country, enough for our consumption. It has been allocated to sugar factories across the country to set sales quotas each week for every factory to practice. There are sugar cane and sugar laws. that can manage and solve sugar problems .

Source: Thai News Agency