Thai female players ready to face Slovenia in Olympic qualifying women’s volleyball match

Quick coach” admits meeting with Slovenia. It's not an easy job. In the 2024 Olympic women's volleyball qualifying round this evening. Many people's physical condition is fatigued. May need to rotate players

Movement of the women's volleyball Olympic 2024 qualifying round in Poland. The Thai women's team who just won 1 against Poland made them play 4 matches, winning 1, losing 3, ranking 13th in the world. Yesterday, Coach Duan-Danai Sriwacharamethakul has brought Thai female hitters Practice takes 1.5 hours at the competition field. In preparation before competing in the Olympic Volleyball Qualifying Round in Lodz. Poland, match 5, where athletes were divided into 3 sets according to their physical condition from the tough game that defeated Poland 3-2.

The express coach admitted that meeting Slovenia this evening at 7:30 p.m. in Thailand. It's not an easy job. Because this is a team that has never met before. Tall, European style, playing ball structure. The Thai team must maintain the form or playing style of the team, especially mixed football. By physical condition, many people have symptoms of fatigue. There may be a need to rotate players to help.

Wimonrat Thanaphan and Sasipaporn Chandrawisutnak, two Thai female hitters, will try to do their best if given the opportunity to play on the field. And looking at meeting Slovenia this evening, everyone is fully prepared. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency