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The Ministry of Public Health accelerates hepatitis B-C screening for those born before the age of 35.

Lat Pla Duk Temple, 11 Aug- Ministry of Public Health finds and screens for hepatitis B and C viruses. In Thai people born before 1992, hoping to reduce the incidence of hepatitis and liver cancer. Able to participate in screening for every right of treatment in a hospital near home

Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health Announcing the policy for hepatitis B and C screening in a hospital near home by visiting the screening area at Wat Ladpladuk Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital Nonthaburi Province which people in the area are interested in participating in the screening by taking blood If found positive, it will be taken into the treatment system. both oral medications along with giving advice to prevent hepatitis that can lead to liver cancer in the future The target group for screening is people born from 1992 onwards, it is estimated that there are about 30-40 million people. In this regard, they can participate in screening for all treatment rights.

for hepatitis B and C It can be transmitted from mother to child, by sexual intercourse and blood transfusion. from substance use (syringe) with the screening process can be done once in a lifetime. The risk groups can be screened and receive advice to protect themselves. Currently, there is a hepatitis B vaccine. But people born before 1992 were not vaccinated. Need to be screened For the current situation, Thailand has 2,200,000 chronic hepatitis B patients and about 3-8 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis C.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency