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Arrest of 13 murder suspects “Nong Yod – Teacher Jeab”

Bangkok, Mother of "Nong Yod" is furious! Shouting and cursing at the gang of mechanical teenagers. While the officers detained 13 suspects, sent them to court for detention, and recently the police arrested the shooter. 'Nong Yod-Teacher Jeab' has been released after running away to hide in the area of ??Chiang Mai Province.

This was only part of Nong Yod's mother's curses and curses. Uthen Thawai students who fell victim to the bullets of 13 accused participants in the incident After the mother saw the investigator Thung Maha Mek Police Station All 13 suspects were detained from the detention room. to be taken to court for detention The first suspect to come out was Mr. Pepsi, who had a neutral expression on his face. Didn't answer media questions Especially the province where Nong Yot's mother shouted insults and cursed. Including trying to take off his shoes and throwing them at a group of accused people. Pepsi turned to look at him with a neutral expression. Don't respond to anything. There was a fast-moving police team to control the situation. which Nong Yod's mother continued to yell at her, 'If you do bad things, you don't have to hide your face.' 'You don't have to be ashamed.' But all the accused remained silent.

before the police drove away. with the police station's rapid mobile unit and the Metropolitan Police Division 5, more than 20 officers, rode motorcycles behind the vehicle to provide protection. Prevent chaos Because there were news reports that friends of the accused might come to visit. As for the police station, there is a tight deployment. Because in addition to Nong Yot's mother and family, there is also the mother of the person who died in the shooting incident in the middle of a wedding at Sutthisan Police Station on August 14, '22, who came to ask to meet with Pol. Maj. Gen. Wittawat Chinkam, the commander. Metropolitan Police 5 to submit objections to the bail of 13 suspects as well.

Nong Yod's mother objects to bail. Move forward to seek justice for your child

. Nong Yot's mother confirmed that she came today because she wanted to come and see the face of the accused who jointly shot her son and Teacher Jeab. and submitted a letter requesting bail at the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court Because they think that their children have not received fairness. Personally, the accused person does not have any regret or remorse for what he has done. In addition, after Nong Yod died At home it was heavily affected. Especially Nong Yod's younger brother. Now I have anxiety symptoms. Asking every day for the cause of Nong Yot's death, why did he shoot Nong Yot? Why did you have to shoot P'Yod? This makes my mother announce here that she wants to put her life on the line. Will go ahead and bring the accused to justice. Because in the past, the accused group had committed an incident and had been released on bail and returned to commit another incident like this. Mother wants the law to punish the accused to the fullest extent possible.

Police are confident the evidence is strong. All the accused were unable to escape,

while Pol. Maj. Gen. Wittawat Chinkam, commander of Metropolitan Police District 5, revealed that from the interrogation of all the accused Everyone continues to deny all charges. But there are some parts that are useful. Investigators are still confident that there is strong evidence that can bring charges against all the accused.

Recently it was reported that Police were able to track down and arrest Mr. Am. The shooters of Nong Yot and Teacher Jeab have been found after escaping to hide in the Chiang Mai area. The Metropolitan Investigation Team is in the process of bringing them to the Investigation Division for questioning. Metropolitan Police Headquarters and at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (Dec. 20), Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commander, will announce details of the arrest.

Source: Thai News Agency