Cabinet Cuts Gasohol 91 Price by 2.50 Bt/Litre

BANGKOK, The Thai Cabinet has given the green light to reduce the retail price of Gasohol 91 by 2.50 baht per liter for a period of three months, starting from November 7.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy Peeraphan Salirathaviphak said the government's approach to reduce the gasoline prices includes reduction of the excise tax for gasoline by 1 baht per liter, down from the current rate of 6.50 baht per liter.

This reduction will affect all types of gasoline and gasohol, resulting in lower prices. The reduction will be proportionate to the blend ratio of gasoline.

In the case of Gasohol 91, the Ministry of Energy, through the Oil Fuel Fund, will manage an additional reduction of 1.50 baht, making it 2.50 baht per liter, as announced in the government's policies, he said.

Source: Thai News Agency