Chaowat aims to lead “The Rabbit” team to collect points from Ulsan in the home ACL battle.

27 November 2023 at the press conference room at Pathum Thani Stadium, a press conference before the game of the AFC Champions League 2023/24 Group I, match 5 between BG Pathum United, a representative from Thailand, and Ulsan Hyundai Team. From South Korea, the team "The Rabbit" has "Coach Nguan" Surachai Chaturaphatphong and Chaowat Weerachat, while the visiting team has Hong Myung Bo, the head coach, along with Kim Yong Kwon, the team's players. Participate in the press conference?

By “Coach Nguan” Surachai Chaturaphatphong spoke about the readiness of “The Rabbit” army saying, “This game we will play at home is the last game in this program. So we have to play hard for the fans. and collect points We have to do a good job in this match. To create continued confidence in competition in the league. In the past, we have always encountered problems with player injuries, which may cause us to not perform as well as we should. But now many players are starting to return. So in this game we should be better and be able to collect points as well.”

Chaowat Weerachat said about this game that Everyone is fully prepared for this game. We want to get points because it is our last home game. Ulsan is a strong team. And there are many quality players. We have to focus on them as a team. and do your homework well We hope that today's game and tomorrow we can win for all the fans.

While Hong Myung Bo, head coach of Ulsan Hyundai, said of the visiting team's readiness: “The weather in Thailand is different from South Korea. So we have to adapt. Including we have just gone through a league game. We must prepare well. We still have two matches left in this competition. We believe there is still a chance to qualify. But you have to focus on this game first. Coming to play away games, we have little time to rest, causing us to have poor results in the past. But the important thing is that we must stay focused. Even though BG has lost 4 matches, we see that it is not an easy task. And we had to face pressure from local football fans. Therefore, we must prepare to handle this situation well in order to win.”

As for Kim Young Kwon, a player for Ulsan, he said, “We have to adapt to the weather conditions in Thailand. However, we must collect three points to have a chance of advancing to the next round. I think BG's strengths are many foreign players with good technique. But we must work together to find weaknesses and create advantages in this game. Even though the weather is worrying Therefore, we must have good communication, especially playing as an away team.”

For the AFC competition Champions League 2023/24 Group I, match 5 between BG Pathum United and Ulsan Hyundai will take place on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. at Pathum Thani Stadium.?

Source: Thai News Agency