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Emphasize that doctors and nurses in the military adhere to ethics and sacrifice

Phramongkutklao Hospital, May 31 - Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army adorns the rank of doctor-nurse in the military Emphasize on professional ethics, patience, sacrifice, virtue, kindness, service willingly. on the basis of equality Develop yourself to keep up with medical technology.

General Narongpan Jitkaewthae, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army along with the high command of the Army jointly adorn the rank of commissioned officers for graduates from Phramongkutklao College of Medicine and the Royal Thai Army Nursing College Academic Year 2022, with teachers and parents joining in the ceremony For this year, 83 officers have been decorated with the rank of graduates of Doctor of Medicine. From Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Class 43, 38 people and graduates with a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree. Royal Thai Army Nursing College, Class 56, 45 people, which the Royal Thai Army by the Royal Thai Army Medical Department has sent the aforementioned doctors and nurses to work on taking care of the health of troops, families and people in army hospitals across the country.

army commander Congratulations on the achievements of the new officers. which arises from perseverance, perseverance, determination and determination to study to bring knowledge to help treat the sick to serve both as a national soldier and as a doctor Nurses who provide health care and good quality of life for the people. Conservation of the Army's combat power. to have a strong physical condition ready to perform duties efficiently

“Let everyone adhere to professional ethics, be patient, sacrifice, have virtue and mercy. Service with willingness on the basis of equality Must develop oneself to specialize in tasks Follow up on scientific progress Medical and public health technology To make medical work and nurses of the Royal Thai Army depend on the people. and society as a whole," said the commander-in-chief of the Army.

For Phramongkutklao College of Medicine and the Royal Thai Army Nursing College It is an educational section of the Royal Thai Army Medical Department that produces medical personnel for the army and public health. In addition to academic teaching and patient care practice, both institutions also strengthen military discipline, strength, morality, ethics, and professional ethics. including promoting learning in all dimensions in order to be ready to be an important force to support the missions of the Army and the country in the future.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency