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Extending the vaccine trial period in marmoset monkeys

The Cabinet approved the extension of the vaccine testing program in marmoset monkeys. The safety study on the efficacy of the candidate subunit vaccine ended on 29 Dec. '23.

Ms. Traisulee Traisoranakul, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said that the Cabinet meeting had approved the results of the consideration of the Loan Expenditure Screening Committee (CRF) under the Ministry of Finance's Powers Act. borrow money to solve economic and social problems From the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in addition to 2021 in the Meeting No. 5/66 and in the Meeting No. 6/66

This has been approved by the National Vaccine Institute. Extension of the project period for the establishment of a research and testing laboratory for vaccines and pharmaceuticals in marmoset monkeys. (Vaccine Testing Program in Marmosets) from the original end of April 2023 to the end of December 29, 2023. This project has a budget of 139.84 million baht, with 69.50 million baht already disbursed. or 49.71 percent. Currently, the project is in the process of revising the construction form. There was also a delay in the purchase and delivery of 67 marmoset monkeys from domestic traders who were paying for 67 marmoset while procurement from foreign countries was facing problems. procurement of airlines to transport into the country

At the same time, the Cabinet has approved the extension of the safety study project on the ability to stimulate the landscape. and the efficacy of candidate subunit vaccines. for the prevention of COVID-19 Phase 2a of plant-based human production from ending in June. 66 ended on 29 Dec. '23, with the project having a budget limit of 211 million baht, with a disbursement of 116.9 million baht or 55.4% due to the reason that the project period needs to be extended. due to uncontrollable factors In particular, the safety data of the 1st phase of vaccine testing of the 2 groups of volunteers for additional reference for the approval of the higher phase of vaccine testing. While vaccine research and development is technically complex, it takes time to complete the vaccine to ensure maximum safety.

Ms. Traisulee said that the cabinet has approved the province to change material details, totaling 99 projects with a total budget of 422.55 million baht, consisting of canceling 35 projects in 11 provinces, extending the period of 58 projects in 18 provinces, and changing details. 6 projects in 5 provinces respectively.

Source: Thai News Agency