Increase the reward for the arrest of “Chao Waeng”, the underwear-stealing monkey.

Lopburi, The National Park Department moves forward with the operation to capture Lopburi herd monkeys. Meanwhile, shop owners increased the reward for catching "Chao Waeng", a monkey who likes to steal underwear, from 300 to 500 baht. National Park Department officials Try to chase and catch the ringleader monkeys, especially "Red Butt Duan", the unruly monkey thug on Ratchadamnoen Road. Bank for Agriculture and Cooperatives side which is prepared to inject anesthesia and prepared an iron cage to imprison But with the sweltering weather exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, the great apes are taking shelter in corners of buildings and high places. There were only small child monkeys running along the road. and climbed up buildings This monkey capture Officials don't want to focus on quantity. But he wants to catch the monkey who is the leader of the pack. The officials waited for a long time. Didn't find Duan It is assumed that he was secretly looking at the officer and was probably aware of it, so he did not sho w his face. The police "Anti Monkey Unit" of Tha Hin Police Station also came out to carry out the operation. Previously, there had been an incident where 3 groups of monkeys planned to rob a car carrying mangoes while attached to a train, until 4 baskets of mangoes were gone in the blink of an eye. There wasn't even a single child left. The commander ordered police from Tha Hin Police Station to inspect cars. motorcycle patrol and traffic police Prevent accidents by not letting them out of your sight. Ready to order a police officer at the level of deputy inspector Go to the area and lead the anti-monkey unit to work proactively. Prevent monkeys from causing more trouble. Increase the reward for catching Psychotic monkey steals underwear While P'Cherry Suit shop owner In front of Narai Ratchaniwet Palace He said he couldn't stand it anymore because "Chao Waeng" liked to steal underwear from the store almost every day, several times a day. To the point of offering a reward of 300 baht for anyone caught. W hen P'Cherry saw the park officials coming to chase the monkeys, he immediately went and told the officials to please come and catch "Chao Waeng" because just now he had also seen "Chao Waeng" lurking and watching next to the shop. to come in and steal more underwear But when the officers arrived, it appeared that "Chao Waeng" had quickly fled into the crevice of a tall building. and never showed his face again. Sister Cherry said that she really couldn't take it anymore. with Chao Weng's stealing behavior And I hope someone catches the troublemaker. Now the bounty for the arrest of "Chao Waeng" has been increased from 300 to 500 baht. Source: Thai News Agency