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Ministry of Tourism prepares to push tourism policy to secondary cities

Government House, "Sudawan" reveals preparation to promote tourism in secondary cities. Receive questions from the Prime Minister Next year, per capita income from tourists must be increased. Ready to expand the tourist market from Europe

Miss Sudawan Wangsuphakitkoson The Minister of Tourism and Sports said that after receiving the policy from the Prime Minister, he aims to increase tourism in secondary cities such as the areas of Nong Bua Lamphu and Kanchanaburi provinces, which have many points of interest. Therefore, I would like both domestic and international tourists to know more about it. As for tourism numbers, will they grow or not? It depends on the situation. However, in the Ministry of Tourism will promote continuously

“As for increasing tourism income per capita next year, the target is that if promotion increases, the numbers will likely increase. This year, the average per capita expenditure of tourists is 43,000 baht per person per trip, with 1 trip. Tourists stay in Thailand on average for 9 days. Next year it will have to increase even more. Because it is a question that the Prime Minister has already given and must be discussed with relevant agencies,” said the Minister of Tourism.

Ms. Sudawan said that as for plans to visit secondary cities, increase more such as organizing light and sound activities. To allow tourists to stay overnight in secondary cities and surrounding tourist attractions, there will be additional overnight stays. If the accommodation is ready The Ministry is ready to promote more. Secondary cities do not focus only on border provinces, such as in the southern border provinces. Tourists from Malaysia also come. Not only in the southern region But came to travel to Bangkok. or northern Thailand

The part where Chinese tourists decreased How will there be more tourists from other countries? Minister of Tourism I admit that this year the number of Chinese tourists is not very high. But other countries are increasingly coming to visit Thailand. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the market of other countries more. However, there is no additional free visa opening yet. But is considering extending the time to stay in Thailand. Focusing only on European tourists A stay in Thailand of 30 days is considered quite a lot.

As for the tourism market in Thailand next year, will it be able to compete with Singapore and Malaysia after 2 countries opened visa-free? Ms. Sudawan said that tourism in Thailand has a different identity and tourist attractions from those 2 countries. and has variety Therefore, tourism diversity must be promoted. and facilitate travel into Thailand Including the safety of tourists, which Thailand places great importance on.

As for the case of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), a budget of 600 million baht is requested to stimulate tourism for the high season. The Minister of Tourism said that within this month he will report to the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) for further information.

Source: Thai News Agency