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Mom driving a car to take her child on a trip recurrent heart disease Crashed into 6 cars

Udon Thani, July 2- A mother drives a car to take her children and friends to travel before surgery. Crashed into 6 parked cars, damaging

CCTV inside a used car tent Charoen Phan Rattanasin Co., Ltd., Udon Thani province, captures the image of a red sedan crashing into a car parked on the roadside. and parked inside the tent damaged many cars After the accident, the driver of the sedan opened the door of the car. And the people in the car tents walked in and inquired about the events. At the scene, a sedan was found with scratches on the front and left side. broken side mirror 4 cars parked on the roadside and 2 in the car tent, there are signs of collision.

Mrs. Sompong, 46 years old, from Udon Thani Province, the driver of a sedan car. sitting pale in a chair in front of the car tent panic and tried to recount the event with a stiff tongue that When driving, my daughter said that she spoke with a hard tongue, didn't speak clearly, asked her mother to park the car, but she thought that she still spoke clearly, so she kept driving. until the incident

Mrs. Sompong's daughter said that today her mother drove her to travel. and had a relapse, spoke stiffly, and crashed the car along the way The staff hurriedly took her to the Udon Thani Center Hospital, where Mrs. Sompong had a noticeable stagger.

Mrs. Sompong's daughter's friend who was driving together said that My friend's mother drove them, including 4 people, to Central Plaza Udon Thani. and Nong Prajak Public Park which the mother said that she would drive to pick them up for the last time due to heart surgery By driving to send him and another friend to the Bus Station to return to Wang Sam Mo District, but the bus has already left. So my mother would take me to drive along to catch up with the tour bus in front of Udon Thani Rajabhat University. But on the way, the mother had a hard tongue. and almost hit the middle island They told their mother to stop. But my mother still forced me to drive and told me that I could still do it. Until he bumped into a car parked on the road and crashed into a used car tent.

Lt. Chanon Sonachote, deputy inspector (investigation), Muang Udon Thani Police Station questioned the 6 damaged car owners and witnesses who witnessed the incident. Ready to expect more victims Because there was a car crash along the way.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency