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“Padipat” joins the party “Thamtham”

"Padipat" joins the "Tham Thamma" party. The party is ready to support its work. Explained that he was not competing. MPs move forward - not a branch party

Mr. Padiphat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and former Kao Klai MP, Phitsanulok Province along with Mr. Pitipong Temcharoen, leader of the Tham Thamma Party, Mr. Kanwee Suebsaeng, chairman of party strategy Participated in a statement announcing the position of joining Mr. Padipat's Thammarat Party. After on September 28, 2023, the Kao Klai Party resolved to expel Mr. Padipat from party membership.

Mr. Padipat said he had discussed with the party fairly. who are ready to support their work As Vice President of the House of Representatives Even though there is no legal application yet But the announcement of party affiliation is fair. It is considered that he is not complacent about finding a party to join. Makes him perform the duties of Vice President of the House of Representatives In being the chairman of the meeting, everyone will understand that He belongs to a party under the name of the Democratic Party. As for the reason that he has not yet written an application to join the party, it is fair. Because the letter of termination of MP status has not yet been received from the Election Commission (EC), if the letter is received, an application will be written.

As for what the work guidelines will be like from now on, Mr. Padiphan said that the work guidelines for the president and vice president of the House of Representatives will be It is included in the constitution. Therefore, being in a particular party will create advantages and disadvantages in the House of Representatives, such as enacting laws and considering the draft Finance Act. and the process of listening to public opinions He will provide assistance to all political parties equally. He will not attend the party meeting to determine the guidelines for the party debate. Or even the opposition whip did not participate at all. As for concerns about the political atmosphere in the House of Representatives At this time, the atmosphere is better, Mr. Adisorn Piangkas, the government chief whip. Have an attitude of support and respect for their decisions. As for political fixation, it cannot be denied. Because it happened before he was with the party.

Mr. Pitipong Temcharoen, leader of the Tham Tham Party Congratulations on Mr. Padipat joining the party. The party's ideology is based on "democracy, the nation, the people." Therefore, working with Mr. Padipat will make the party more fair in parliamentary administration. In addition to the administration of the opposition If Mr. Padipat has already submitted an application for party membership The party secretary will inspect the qualifications. After that, it will be sent to the Party Executive Committee for fairness. is a certifier which is in accordance with party regulations Ready to emphasize that the party is fair and ready to support Mr. Padipat's work. As Deputy Chairman of the Council Whether it is a matter of parliament being transparent and verifiable and internal affairs of the House of Representatives In addition, Mr. Padipat invited himself to be a member of the advisory team for the House of Representatives, which he accepted. However, Mr. Padipat will act only as a fair member of the party. Not accepting any positions of the Party Executive Committee is fair

“The matter of moving political parties of MPs and being accused of being unfair is a branch of the Forward Party. Changing parties of politicians There is no salary obligation. and the banana system as in the past It is a move of the party based on ideology. However, the Thammathirat Party has not gone fishing in Kao Klai's pond. who went to pull Mr. Padipat along with emphasizing that the Fair Party is not a branch of the Progressive Party. The Thammathirat Party lives in a different democracy village. Each person eats a bowl of rice,” Mr. Pitipong said.

Mr. Kanwee said that he is very pleased that Mr. Padipat joined the party. As for the party, it's fair. Ready to move forward with political work with Mr. Padipat as well. Mr. Padipat will still be the Deputy Chairman of the Council. Acting transparently and impartially Do not choose to take sides with any side. By looking at previous duties Therefore, nothing will hinder the progress of democracy.

As for the Hamas-Israel war, Mr. Pitipong said that the Thammarat Party reserves the right to express its political point on this matter. from unclear information and did not think it would be a political issue Whatever the reason Due to consideration of the safety of Thai people In addition, the Thammarat Party is ready to support the government's work in helping Thai people return home. Including calling for peace negotiations and taking into account human rights principles.

Source: Thai News Agency

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