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“Phuangpetch” explains that she is busy with important work. I didn’t escape replying to the topic.

Government House, "Phuangphet" confirms that she did not flee from answering the topic. But he is busy with the work of suppressing electronic cigarettes, an important job. He said that when it is convenient for him, he will answer. Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office Referring to the case where an MP from the Progressive Party called for him to respond to a live thread in the House of Representatives, he said that he did not escape from the live thread. But because on that day, there was an opening of the e-cigarette suppression event together with many ministries and 437 schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (Bangkok), which is considered important. 'The project is to provide knowledge to youth and teachers in educational institutions. Showing how serious the dangers of e-cigarettes are is important work, and I have no objection to answering the topic. If there is a convenient day, I will go in and answer,' Mrs. Puangphet said. Source: Thai News Agency