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Singing teachers physically harass students, causing repeated incidents, but not being punished

Parents of Mathayom 2 students appeal to the village headman. Convicted the teacher of harassing and indecently harassing his daughter, in addition to the daughter There were also other children hit. If parents complain This physical education teacher will give money to silence. and claimed to be moving out of the area but told many times He is still a teacher at this school.

Parents of grade 2 students in elementary school expand opportunities at one of the famous villages on the Phu Laen Kha mountain range, Wang Chomphu Sub-district, Nong Bua Daeng District, Chaiyaphum Province. Therefore took his daughter to inform the village headman to convict this physical education teacher. Causing the village headman to call teachers to mediate The physical education teacher even admitted to being wrong. and raised his hand to pay homage to the parents by saying that he was a man There are some mistakes I want my parents to sympathize with mediation. because I have a family to support

However, the parents said even though the teacher said this. but parents still can't accept because on that day The PE teacher promised to remove himself from this school. But now the teacher is still at school, teaching normally, refusing to make the promises made. Including trying to circle in contact with the daughter of the father and mother again. In addition, the father and mother also heard that The teacher went to do this with many female students in grade 2 and grade 3.

The behavior is Starting as a teacher of elementary school children Physical education teachers will try to befriend children. And take him to various sporting events in the district before secretly taking him to buy tempting things after elementary school students graduate Moved to a high school in the same district Physical education teachers will try to send Line to talk. and secretly take the child to the movies Go buy sports equipment regularly. and ended up taking him to molest The parents know that the child was molested. Only when seeing the child behaving abnormally

While another villager said that there was a 12-year-old grade 6 child after school. The teacher called for sports practice and cleaned up the classroom. But almost being harassed by the teacher But the boy struggled to escape. When the child comes to tell the mother have to inform the relevant person along with many other parents who know their children have been molested Those involved set up a disciplinary examination committee. and found serious disciplinary action Instead, they punished them for transferring to a school in the same branch a little further away. Then go back to teaching in school as usual. And if the parents repeatedly complain Teachers will give money as a gag. and said the same thing that he would ask to move himself out of the area Do this time and time again. Until now, people in the village began to worry. Teachers will come to commit more serious transgressions. and create a stigma for many children therefore would like to call on the provincial executives to come down to inspect and provide urgent assistance. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency