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Thai people returning from Israel, second batch, 2 injured, sent to hospital.

Bangkok, The Ministry of Public Health revealed that 56 Thai people returned from Israel in the second batch, 2 were injured and sent for treatment in hospitals, 8 were looked after for mental health.

Ministry of Public Health Revealing the health care results of the second batch of 56 Thai people returning from Israel at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Two people were injured from gunfire and sent to Bang Phli Hospital. Samut Prakan Province To observe symptoms and undergo additional treatment. Mental health screening of 22 cases found that 3 were stressed and 5 were hyperactive. The mental health team provided care before sending them back to their hometowns. As for the reception of the next batch of Thai people at U-Tapao Airport. Local health departments are prepared.

Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health Revealing progress on health care for Thai people returning from the unrest in Israel. that he received a report from Dr. Surachoke Tangwiwat, Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health As commander of the Medical and Public Health Emergency Operations Center The Ministry of Public Health said that the second set of Thai people who returned by commercial airline Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday evening (13 Oct.), a total of 56 people, 55 males and 1 female, health screening team from Bang Phli Hospital. Samut Prakan Province, Department of Mental Health and Department of Disease Control A screening examination was conducted to assess physical and mental health. It was found that two people were injured by gunfire. The first was a 38-year-old man from his hometown of Nakhon Phanom Province. There is a wound on the hip area. The wound has been treated. The second person has left knee pain, a 26-year-old man from Khon Kaen province. There is a wound in the pelvic area. The wound has also been treated. The wound still hurts a little. The medical team sent him to Bang Phli Hospital. To observe symptoms and undergo additional physical examination As of this morning, both cases are in normal condition. and wishes to return for further treatment near home The doctor allowed him to be discharged from the hospital. In addition, one person was found to have a sore throat. PCR test results did not find any infection. The doctor gave treatment before sending him back to his hometown.

Mental health screening section There were 22 people who needed a mental health evaluation, of which 3 were found to be suffering from stress and 5 were showing symptoms of hypervigilance. The Department of Mental Health's MCATT team provided treatment before sending them back to their hometowns. We will coordinate with the Provincial Public Health Office and hospitals in our hometown to continuously monitor symptoms.

For preparation to receive the next batch of Thai people. which will arrive at U-Tapao Airport, Rayong Province, on the morning of October 15, 2023. Departments of the Ministry of Public Health include the Disease Prevention and Control Office 6, Chonburi, the International Communicable Disease Control and Quarantine Division. Utapao Airport Rayong Provincial Public Health Office Ban Chang District Public Health Office Ban Chang Hospital Rayong Hospital And the Mental Health Center 6, Chonburi, has prepared the area and the physical/mental health screening process.

Source: Thai News Agency