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The Industrial Committee plans to invade Rayong to inspect a crane collapsed factory.

Bangkok, The Industrial Committee prepares to invade Rayong to inspect a Chinese factory where several people died. Proposing to cancel visas for investors who come to invest in Thailand and repeatedly break the law. Recently revealed there was an arrest. Ordered to stop operating many businesses. Mr. Akaradej Wongpitakroj, Sarachaburi MP, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party As Chairman of the Industrial Commission (Committee) House of Representatives Revealing the case of the collapse of a Chinese investor's steel smelting factory in Rayong Province that He has asked the Rayong MP who is the Industry Committee to go to the area to gather information and present it. Industrial Commissioner considers Because there is information that there are many investors from China investing in building factories that are illegal. The committee is monitoring the behavior of these Chinese investors who violate the law. There is information that there are many. whether it is construction without permission Wrong type of business op eration Pollution to the community and the use of nominees to assume the right to operate a business Including breaking many other laws. Mr. Akradet said that it was recently discovered that a factory owned by a Chinese investor was transporting and processing mineral waste that is an illegal hazardous substance. It may have a very serious impact on public health. which the Commission and relevant agencies are investigating. The committee is inspecting factories like this throughout the country. By checking together with Ministry of Industry officials. Police, Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division (Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division) and related agencies One Chinese investor was arrested for violating the law. It has an impact on the environment in Chonburi Province. and are investigating two more locations in Samut Sakhon province. and Chachoengsao Province 'We found that there are many places where investors from China are committing illegal acts. Doing business that affects the environment and people In the event that this happened, the Committee hastened to collect information for a meeting to consider taking action in coordination with government officials. Both the Department of Industrial Works Relevant officials will proceed with the case and make further arrests,' Mr. Akradet said. When asked about this kind of wrongdoing Has the committee received a lot of information? Mr. Akradet said that the committee has received a lot of information and is in the process of investigating the facts of the committee. Currently being processed by officials And there are those that the police have already arrested. Most recently in Samut Sakhon Province, the Department of Industrial Works ordered a temporary halt to business operations, and there are many others that the Committee has been following up on. In the case of Chachoengsao Province, the Ministry of Industry has seriously investigated. When asked whether our strict measures will affect the investment of Chinese investors, Mr. Akradet said that in the long run, we need quality investors to invest. Thailand does not want investors who take advantage and harm Thai people, threatening the country's economic stability. and is a threat to the security of the country in many ways. The committee is investigating investors from China who are breaking the law in large numbers. There are already 5-6 cases in operation. When asked repeatedly, Do you think the Chinese authorities understand Thailand's operations? The Chairman of the Industrial Committee said that in the future it would be necessary to discuss with the Chinese authorities. Must select quality investors and let the Chinese authorities consider punishing those who have done wrong Recently, the Committee held a meeting with the BOI. Department of Business Development Trade Competition Committee Immigration police and many other agencies It has set basic guidelines for investors who come to invest and break the law and harm the health of Thai people. Destroy the Thai environment and prevent people from doing business in Thailand. By proposing that the government cancel visas. and will continue to strictly prosecute according to the law. Source: Thai News Agency

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