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The Minister of Agriculture orders the Department of Livestock Development to prepare to bury and destroy 161 containers of feral pigs.

The Minister of Agriculture ordered the Department of Livestock Development to prepare a landfill site for the destruction of 161 containers of “wild pigs” in the case of the DSI seizing and storing the seized items at Laem Chabang Port. Director General of the Department of Livestock Development reveals Prepare a place at the Sa Kaeo Animal Feed Research and Development Center. Khlong Kai Thuan Subdistrict, Khlong Hat District, Sa Kaeo Province If receiving a seized item from DSI Ready for landfill destruction in 5 days.

Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said: Order the Department of Livestock Development to prepare a site for landfilling and destroying the remains of smuggled pigs or "wild pigs" in Sa Kaeo Province. Ready to be used as a landfill for destroying the remains of feral pigs, 161 containers, total weight 4,363,118 kilograms, total value over 500 million baht, which the Department of Special Investigation accepted as special case number 59 / 2023 on 29 June 2023 and In the process of collecting complete documents and evidence. Waiting for the delivery of pig carcasses to the Livestock Department for destruction.

The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives reiterated that Preventing and suppressing the smuggling of agricultural products is an urgent policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Especially suppressing the illegal importation of “wild pigs” to prevent animal disease outbreaks. Protect pig farmers who are being unfairly interfered with in the market mechanism. Including consumer protection

For places where the Department of Livestock Development reported that Has prepared: Sa Kaeo Animal Feed Research and Development Center Khlong Kai Thuan Subdistrict, Khlong Hat District, Sa Kaeo Province

As for veterinarian Somchuan Rattanamangkhalanon Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development said Operation to move 161 containers of "wild pigs" for destruction There will be a working group to carry out the work, consisting of representatives from the Department of Special Investigation, Customs Department, Livestock Department, Royal Thai Police. and the National Pig Growers Association The working group will work together to transport containers by truck. which every vehicle must pass through a customs weighing point. All containers are equipped with SEAL locks to prevent opening the container. The weight and cabinet number are recorded along with a video recording as evidence. while traveling There was a highway patrol car leading the convoy to transport the containers to the site of destruction. Ready to deliver evidence and sign records to the destruction team. appointed by the Livestock Department until the mission is completed. It is expected that the transport and landfill operations will be completed within 5 days.

For the process of implantation and destruction There is a committee to destroy pig carcasses. Appointed by the Department of Livestock Development Responsible for recording details of containers of pig carcasses and cutting SEALs before the carcasses are buried for destruction. There are 6 graves for carcasses, each with a length of 150 meters, a width of 9 meters, a depth of 4 meters, all lined with PE plastic (0.3 mm thick) to prevent waste from animal carcasses that may contaminate nature. Burying the remains involves lifting the container and emptying the remains from the container. Using a crane to lift the head and tail. Before burying the remains, they are sprinkled with lime at the bottom of the hole. When the remains fill the hole Spray with EM solution and use a backhoe and tractor to fill the hole. Every well is equipped with a pipe to release gas from the naturally decomposing remains. By means of landfill destruction to be in accordance with standards of the International Animal Epidemiology Organization

Veterinarian Somchuan added that The Department of Livestock Development is ready to accept the policies of the government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. To wipe out illegal pork that has infiltrated the country. and corrodes the health of Thai consumers at large. In the past, we have integrated with relevant agencies to follow strict measures to check the smuggling of pork, including the Royal Thai Police. Consumer Protection Crime Suppression Division (Consumer Protection Crime Suppression Division), Ministry of Interior Internal Security Operations Command, Customs Department and Border Agencies Together we must strictly suppress the smuggling of pork parts. To protect pig farmers and prevent African swine fever or ASF that may be contaminated with pig parts. Including to ensure the safety of consumers which are smuggled pig parts It has not been inspected by the Department of Livestock Development. There may be residue such as red meat accelerator. or other pathogens that are dangerous to the pig farming industry and consumers

For his performance in enforcing the law in the smuggling of pig carcasses. enter the kingdom From fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2023 of the Department of Livestock Development (Latest date 1 September 2023) including pork, entrails, and parts, a total of 238 cases, total amount 1,142,487 kilograms, total value 190,426,840 baht. There have been 202 cases of destruction of items, total amount 1,049,920 kilograms, total value 175,216,249 baht.

If people want help or make a complaint or report a clue. Violations of livestock laws can be reported through the DLD 4.0 application. The app is easy to use and really beneficial. Can be downloaded for both Android and iOS/. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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