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“Aung Ing” reveals the announcement of the new party leader this Friday.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Aung Ing" reveals that at this time there is no resolution to hold the position of leader of the Pheu Thai Party. Prepare to announce the new party leader this Friday. Confirming that there has been no discussion with Thaksin, but ready to support him in every role.

Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family and Vice Chairman of the National Softpower Strategy Committee Said in an interview after the committee meeting. national soft power To the Pheu Thai Party's general meeting There will be a new party leader and party executive committee chosen this coming Friday (Oct. 27), with Ms. Pae Thongthan saying that there is still no resolution of the party to select herself as the leader. new party Please wait for this coming Friday. Will give another interview that day.

As for the news that has come out that she will definitely be chosen as party leader, Ms. Pae Thongthan said that she has received support from everyone. Only positions received within the party No matter what He thanked the Pheu Thai Party for their constant support.

As for the names of the new party executive committee, which is rumored to be a new generation, Ms. Pae Thongthan said that she would like to be patient and wait for Friday. There will be a party meeting. The names will be announced to everyone for sure. The party has a meeting. There was talk about people who had the ability to help push the party forward. Now there are many people who are working fully with the government. We'll see who has time. Able to help the party fully as well But no matter who is in what role We can consult with each other about every matter. This is what we put in place. No matter what part you are in.

When asked if there had been any discussion with Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra regarding his employment as party leader or not, Ms. Pae Thongthan revealed that there had not been any discussion about this matter, but of course he would. Already supported

As for the case where people complain about Mr. Thaksin Have any concerns? Ms. Pae Thongthan said, “No, because we did not do anything illegal. and follow every law Therefore, I'm not worried at all.”

Source: Thai News Agency