Be sure before sharing CyberUpdate??: Whoever is using it, change it quickly! 123456 The most used password in the world.

“Easy to guess passwords. It's like an unlocked house,” said Tomas Smalakys, CTO of NordPass, a password management app company. This statement cannot be exaggerated. Especially in the digital age We all have many online accounts. Including financial related accounts Banking applications Every year NordPass releases a study of the passwords people around the world like to use. In 2023, the company will also conduct an additional survey of how common passwords netizens use across various services are. Or how are they different?

Today, be sure before sharing. CyberUpdate?? will take everyone to explore to make sure that our digital home doors are safe or not. And if anyone still uses these passwords Hurry and change it quickly. Before being unknowingly robbed of your home,

20 passwords that Thai people like to use the most!

1. 123456

2. Aa123456

3. admin

4. 12345678

5. 123456789

6. password

7. Ar123455

8. aa123456

9. 12345

10. 123456Za

11 . 123456789za

12. Aa112233

13. P@ssw0rd

14. 1234567890

15. 123456za


17. 1212312121

18. 111111

19. 12345678910

20. Mm123 4567

Deep dive into password trends for 2023!

1. Most people will set a simple password for their streaming account. and will set strong passwords for financial accounts.

NordPass Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tomas Smalakys commented on the case: Most streaming accounts share accounts and passwords with multiple people. Therefore, easy to remember passwords are often set for convenience. But if it is an account related to finance People will use stronger and stronger passwords.

2. “123456” is the most used password around the world, including in Thailand, and almost 31% of passwords that people like to use around the world. There will only be numbers, such as 123456789, 12345, 000000.

3. Most netizens will not reset their passwords. But will use the same password that was set before, such as the word "Admin", making this word a frequently used password in Thailand. Including other countries

4. 2022 password champions like Password and P@ssw0rd are still trending in passwords that people like to use. in Thailand, India, the United States and Italy.

5. Password trends in 2023 that netizens around the world like to use are online games or novels, such as "Aladdin66" ranked in the top 20 in Taiwan and "Supermario12" in Austria, including "gtasanadreas123" also received. Popularity in Mexico

Thieves hack passwords using malware!

“The scariest part is that victims may not even know their computer is infected. Bad actors often hide malware in well-crafted phishing emails. It impersonates a legitimate organization, like your bank or company,” Smalakys said

. Malware attacks are very dangerous. Because malware can steal information that users save in their web browsers and various files on their computers, such as passwords and other personal information. Therefore, Internet users must be more careful when using it. You should also set a password that is difficult to guess. The easier it is to set a password, the better. It only increases the danger of being hacked, randomly and accessed.

Lock your digital home door tightly - Nordpass recommends 3 things to set a secure password.

You should set a random password with a length of 20 characters, using a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

Avoid saving any personal information in your browser.

Be more careful when downloading things on your computer.

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Reference information: Nordpass

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Reporter: Saowapak Rattanaphong

Source: Thai News Agency