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Go ahead and discuss choosing a new party leader.

Pitha" discusses choosing the new leader of the Progressive Party. Identify everyone ready to serve permanently Move forward even without a position Revealed that he just ate lunch with "Piyabutr" after encountering drama. Unfortunately, "Amarat" did not want to sit on the party committee, but confirmed that he would work together as a team as before.

Reporters report on the atmosphere of the extraordinary general meeting. To select a new party leader and a new party executive committee (KCC) of the Kaew Klai Party, with Kaew Klai Party MPs, party members such as Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat. Former leader of the Progressive Party, Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, list MP. and Acting Secretary General of the Forward Party whose name is a candidate is the new leader of the Move Forward Party and Mr. Parit Watcharasindhu, list MP who is named as the spokesperson of the Move Forward Party Gradually traveling to attend the meeting, there were also fans waiting in the area below the Thai Summit building.

The reporter asked Mr. Chaithawat whether he was ready or not. If the Party Executive Committee is chosen as the new party leader, Mr. Chaithawat said that everyone must be ready in the party.

While Mr. Pitha Limcharoenrat Acting leader of the Forward Party Said before attending the meeting that the overall picture would be to improve the party structure before moving forward. Both in terms of personnel and adjusting regulations To be consistent with the current situation in order to move forward in the future As for the person who will act as the next party leader He didn't expect it. And it is not a matter of individuals, but a matter of the journey of the party as a whole. which people will come to do their duties Everyone is ready.

The part where there is news that It will be planned that The person who will be the leader of that party It's only temporary. Waiting for a decision from the Constitutional Court After Mr. Pitha returned to be the leader of the party again, Mr. Pitha said that this was too early to say. There is still no certainty. No matter who becomes the party leader or secretary, there are challenges every day, every week, every month. Therefore, one must be ready to be a real party leader and a real party secretary.

Mr. Pitha confirmed that he is not concerned that the party leadership has changed hands from himself to new party leader Because everything is still the same. But it is necessary to think of the collective rather than the individual. To open the way for opposition leaders This is not much different from the way the general leaders work together. As for the special position, Mr. Pitha will be appointed. To act as party leader or not, Mr. Pitha said, wait and see at the meeting. which he is ready to work for the party in every role Even without a position It still continues to work as usual.

for restructuring the party this time To accommodate political accidents in the future or not, Mr. Pitha emphasized that it is a restructuring in order to be able to move forward. In order to be able to increase the work of the opposition Proactive as mentioned earlier But at the same time, they are able to prepare for political accidents as much as possible. It is the additional political treatment that the Progressive Party should receive. But now there are many events happening. At the same time, it is considered that it is only a matter of receiving or getting up. It would not be a good political strategy.

As for the problem of Mr. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, the leader of the Progressive Party, who does not wish to express his views on the Progressive Party and political opinions. Whether it will cause the loss of the masses or not, Mr. Pitha said that he does not think that it is a matter of losing or not losing the masses. But it is important to consider the feelings of people in the party. Including Mr. Piyabutr. which he always misses Mr. Piyabutr Since the founding of the Future Forward Party together Including becoming an assistant in campaigning correctly I believe that everyone misses Mr. Piyabutr as well. Including party executive committee members who have been disqualified. Went during the Future Forward Party As for whether there will be an opportunity to talk and improve understanding or not. I myself met and talked with Mr. Piyabutr all the time within the framework allowed by law. and are considered friends

While there is a fandom that goes on a tour to vote for Mr. Piyabutr, it is seen that unity is important for all parties during this political context. We wish everyone to have both unity and tolerance in expressing their political opinions. In order to strengthen the opposition

Mr. Pitha said he was disappointed that Mrs. Amarat Chokpamitkul did not accept the position of party executive committee member. But Mrs. Amarat is still part of the Kao Kao Party. Ready to emphasize that the party has advanced. There is not much emphasis on the person or position. No matter what, we still work together as a team. Even though no one is there Travel can still be continued. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency