“Nattacha” won 2 gold, 1 silver in the Asian Youth Weightlifting Championships

India, July 30 – The powerful Thai team collects more medals continuously. "Nattacha Kaewnoi" shows excellent form. Started the gold medal for the Thai power after winning 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal for the youth 55 kg model, while "Panida Denduang" won 3 bronze medals for the 49 kg youth weightlifting competition in the youth and youth weightlifting championships of Asia at New Delhi India

Asia Youth Weightlifting Championships at New Delhi India Previously, the Thai team had already won 2 bronze medals from Ms. Khemika Kamnodsri, 45 kg female youth model, the latest on July 30, 2023. The Thai team continues to collect more medals. At the same time, Mr. Teera Phatra Mongkolnawin, Thai Ambassador to New Delhi, also came to support Thai athletes on the edge of the field.

Female Youth Model 49 kg. Miss Panida Denduang won 3 bronze medals from snatch position, first calling for 64 kg of iron, but failed to lift before coming out to make excuses at the previous record. In the 2nd and 3rd lift, lifted through at 67 kg. The first time lifted through at 80 kilograms, the second lifted through at 84 kilograms, the third time called for 88 kilograms of iron, but did not lift the record at 84 kilograms, making the total weight 151 kilograms, and Jodi Peralta from the Philippines got 3. Gold medal: Snatch 73 kg, Clean and Jerk 87 kg, total weight 160 kg

Young Women's Model 49 kg. Ms. Panadda of Namchot made a 67 kg snatch record, while Clean and Jerk made a record of 91 kg and a total weight of 158 kg. All 3 poses did not receive medals, while Ro Ski Ramos from the Philippines received 3 gold medals for snatch 83 kg, clean and jerk 99 kg, total weight 182 kg.

Female Youth Model 55 kg. Ms. Natcha Kaewnoi did a great job collecting 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal by Snatch, the first time lifting through at 76 kilograms, the second time calling for 79 kilograms of iron, not lifting. Passed and the 3rd time tried to come out to make excuses at the same weight. hoping to overtake the gold medal But the lift did not pass again. Makes the record at 76 kg, receives a silver medal. As for the gold medal, it belongs to Siyoda Kudoikulova from Uzbekistan, 78 kilograms, while the clean and jerk port. Thai girls wrestle with good form, call 95, 98, 100 kilograms of iron, respectively, lifting all through Successfully won the gold medal It is the first gold medal of the power of Thailand in this program. and also won another gold medal from the total weight of 176 kg

In this regard, "Seth Yod", Maj. Gen. Intarat Yodbangtoey, Honorary Prime Minister Amateur Weightlifting Association of Thailand Was honored to give the medal as well. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency