“Nattawat” wins 3 silver medals in weightlifting World Cup 2024

Phuket, "Nattawat" won 3 silver medals in the weightlifting World Cup 2024, Day 2 at Phuket Rajabhat University, hoping the younger twins will win quotas for the Olympic Games in France. Weightlifting World Cup 2024, Day 2 at Phuket Rajabhat University, Phuket Province, Men's 55 kilogram category, Group A, Thailand sends "Tum" Natthawat Chomchuen, silver medal, Youth Olympic Games 2018, with "Tun" Witoon Mingmun. Competing in the snatch competition, Natthawat lifted 119 kilograms, losing to Lai Kia Tan, the 2023 SEA Games gold medalist from Vietnam, by only 1 kilogram, winning only a silver medal. Witoon, lifting 105 kilograms, was ranked 7th in the clean and jerk. Natthawat was able to lift 150 kilograms and had to hope that Pang Un Chol from North Korea failed to lift 152 kilograms in order to win two gold medals, but the North Korean powerhouse Instead, he passed the final round and won the gold medal, while Natthawat won the silver medal and also made Pang Un Chol win another gold medal from a total wei ght of 270 kilograms, defeating Natthawat by only 1 kilogram, making Nat Thawat won 3 silver medals, while Witoon clean and jerk lifted 143 kilograms, placed 4th, and with a total weight of 248 kilograms, placed 4th. After winning 3 silver medals, Natthawat said he was satisfied with the results. Today's work, although less than practiced, But will try to make it better than before and hope that Teerapat Chomchuen, the younger twin, who will be competing this evening. will win a quota for the Olympic Games in France Women's 49 kilograms category, Group A, Thailand sends "Arm" Thanyathorn Sukcharoen, 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, women's 45 kilograms category, to the 2021 World Weightlifting Championships with "Oil" Surachana Khambao, 3 gold medals, women's 49 kilograms category. Weightlifting World Championships 2021 to compete in. This model is the model that collects accumulated points to go to the 2024 Olympic Games, Paris Games. Snatch Thanyathorn lifted 91 kilograms the 2nd time before the 3rd time lif ted 93 kilograms, but Miss injured his right elbow. He was only able to place 4th and had to withdraw from the competition. As for Surajana, who lifted 85 kilograms, he was ranked 7th. In Clean and Jerk, Surajana lifted 109 kilograms, was ranked 5th, and with a total weight of 194 kilograms, he was ranked 5th, making him now a powerhouse. The Thai national team has won 5 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. For today, there will be the powerhouses of the Thai national team competing in 2 categories at 4:00 p.m., the men's 61 kg category, Group A, Teerapat Chomchuen and Teeraphong Silachai, at 7:00 p.m., the women's 55 kg category, Group A, Poysian Yodsan and Panadda of Namchot.- Source: Thai News Agency