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New Zealand Prime Minister infected with Covid while campaigning for election

Prime Minister Chris. New Zealand's Hipkins said: infected with COVID-19 During the election campaign that will be held on 14 October.

Prime Minister Hipkins, 45, head of the centre-left Labor Party, posted on his social media along with a picture of the ATK test results that Must be quarantined for up to 5 days due to COVID-19 infection. He developed flu-like symptoms on Saturday. and canceled all work schedules this weekend. He had to be close to New Zealanders during the election campaign. and do not want to infect others Therefore, they will follow the guidelines and quarantine for several days. or until the test result is negative. He will try to get as many voices heard remotely as he can.

Photo credit: IG chrishipkinsmp

Prime Minister Hipkins succeeds Prime Minister Jacinda. Ardern in January and will hold the position until Ms. Ardern's term expires in the middle of this month. Ahead of the October 14 election, a survey this week found that Just 27 per cent of respondents would vote for his Labor Party, while 37 per cent would vote for the opposition center-right National Party of 53-year-old Krisfer Lakson.

Source: Thai News Agency