“Pauline” pulls “Wirot” to join the competition for the football premiership.

Bangkok, Pol. Gen. Somyot It has not been confirmed that he will run for president of the Football Association. Another era or not? As for the appointment of Masatada Ishii as the War Elephants' coach. It is of the view that the contract should be made only for the period that he is in office until February first.

Payurin or Pauline Ngampring, former president of the Thai Power Cheer Club, came to the Football Association of Thailand. To inquire about the application for the election of the president of the association which will take place on February 8th next year. After having concerns about the regulations of the Football Sports Association, 2022 edition, in Section 30.3, which states that Every candidate must be nominated by at least 3 members. One member can nominate only one candidate per position, which Pyurin sees as causing one team of candidates to be required. Members to nominate candidates or endorse them, including up to 54 member clubs for each position, with representatives from the Football Association's legal department accepting matters.

Phayurin Ngampring added that Will come to apply for election for the position of president of the association. again soon, along with the team that has already been discussed in various career fields, such as Mr. Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, MP for the Progressive Party As for the main policy, there is Both economic matters, raising money, such as the Football Hub project. Online trading through apps including the development of excellence Developing youth through the football school project Believe that their knowledge and understanding of football and business is not inferior to anyone else's.

During the trip to the Football Association, Phayurin also met with "Big Aod" Pol. Gen. Somyot Phumphanmuang, the president of the association. Pol. Gen. Somyot spoke about the matter of competing for the prime minister's chair. Another time, this is the 3rd time, saying that he still feels indifferent, but can honestly say that there are people who want him to continue. Because there are people who are concerned about neutrality.

As for the appointment of Masatada Ishii as the head coach of the Thai national men's national football team, Pol. Gen. Somyot viewed that out of etiquette, the contract should be signed only from the time he worked as president of the association. month of February That only ends the Asian Cup 2023 first. After that, it must be a matter for the new president of the association to take responsibility.

Source: Thai News Agency