Pheu Thai is delighted with the work of “Seththa” participating in the APEC discussion.

Pheu Thai, Pheu Thai is pleased with the performance of “Prime Minister Settha” attending the APEC meeting in the United States. Showing potential to attract 15 major companies to invest in ThailandReporters reported that Pheu Thai Party page The post …

Pheu Thai, Pheu Thai is pleased with the performance of "Prime Minister Settha" attending the APEC meeting in the United States. Showing potential to attract 15 major companies to invest in Thailand

Reporters reported that Pheu Thai Party page The post identifies Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. which is on a mission to participate in the 30th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting between 12-17 November 2023, has traveled to invite and attract more than 15 major American companies to invest in upgrading the Thai economy and promote cooperation in Various dimensions go hand in hand, where various companies show interest in expanding investment in Thailand. The Prime Minister has revealed the successful results of negotiations to attract major investors with 3 companies: Google, Microsoft and AWS (Amazon Web Services), with a total investment value of over 300 billion baht, including Western Digital, the manufacturer of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). giants of the world It has confirmed that it will expand parts production in Thailand. For the 15 companies that the Prime Minister met and discussed, they are:

Tesla took the Prime Minister on a tour of the company in Fremont. California United States and discuss cooperation in electric cars and clean energy. The Prime Minister hopes that today's cooperation will reinforce Thailand's future EV and renewable energy hub and invites Tesla to invest in setting up more production bases in Thailand.

HP – The Prime Minister invited the company to expand investment to use Thailand as a production base. and set up regional offices Thailand is ready in terms of public utility systems and has measures to facilitate business operations.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is a major global integrated circuit (IC) company. The Prime Minister supported ADI to expand investment in Thailand. which has infrastructure and clean energy along with providing convenience to the company Moreover, educational institutions in Thailand are ready to work with the company to develop curricula that suit the circuit design skills that ADI requires.

Google has considered setting up a Data Center in Thailand as the 11th country from around the world. And an MOU was signed between Google and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) for cooperation in developing digital infrastructure.

Microsoft studied data center investment plans with Thailand and an MOU was signed between Microsoft and the government to jointly improve government public services with technology and increasing Thailand's digital capabilities.

Amazon Web Services is about to invest in cloud-related technology through setting up a Data Center in Thailand or the AWS Asia Pacific (Bangkok) Region in Thailand with a budget of over 190 billion baht (US$5 billion).

Walmart, the world's largest retail company View Thailand as a potential producer of products and raw materials. It is expected that they will continue to travel to find new raw materials. The Prime Minister has invited consideration of setting up a distribution center in Thailand.

Western Digital is one of the world's largest Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturers with main production bases in Thailand. Will move the production base of additional important parts to Thailand. Ready to express confidence in expanding investment in Thailand and considering moving Headquarters to Thailand.

Open AI, owner of ChatGPT, took the Prime Minister on a tour of the company. Ready to invite them to come and set up a research center in Thailand. They consider that the appropriate location is Chiang Mai or Phuket.

Apple has praised Thailand's infrastructure for expanding production and revealed that it is striving to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. The Prime Minister said Thailand has electricity from renewable energy and invited it to continue expanding. Production in Thailand The two sides are also considering a human resource development center in Thailand for the creation of a joint application that will move forward quickly.

TikTok meets the Prime Minister Ready to discuss promoting Thai services and promoting the creation of Thai soft power. Especially in the secondary provinces of every region of Thailand that have local products (OTOP) that are unique to each province. The Prime Minister invited TikTok to build a training center in Thailand and also offered tax benefits as an incentive., owner of the world's largest travel platforms such as and Agoda, is headquartered in Thailand. Ready to cooperate with Thailand in concrete ways to support tourism in secondary cities and policies to promote Thailand as a World Festival Destination that can be visited throughout the year.

Citi, the world's largest financial company, admires the government's EV and battery policy and is ready to join Thailand in organizing a roadshow for the Landbridge project to invite investors to invest in the project. It will also support the issuance of debt instruments to promote sustainability. (sustainability-linked bond)

Meta is happy to cooperate with the government in taking care of various scam content and is ready to cooperate with the government to support. Push Thailand's soft power

Nvidia welcomes and takes Prime Minister on a tour of the headquarters The Prime Minister views the company's AI technology as powerful. It hopes to be able to cooperate with the company in applying AI technology to provide government services for citizens.

Source: Thai News Agency