“Pitha” insists the new set of progressive leaders will not displease the army.

Pitha" urges members of "Move Forward" to love Pitha, let them love "Chaithawat" like that, insisting that the new leader will not be a leader who disobeys the army. Even if anyone leaves, the core remains. It is the power of the people. Tell us like a stream that is close to the ground The media is close to the people. Voted to lead the first election and got 151 points, if compared with the Three-Yang Law The next round will not be less than 300, emphasizing the 3 strategies: compete - move - expand. Until you reach the finish line “Go beyond the land”

Reporters reported that the activity "Moving forward, moving forward throughout the country" at the West Sports Building 1, Bangkok Youth Center. (Thai-Japan) Din Daeng, final period, Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat Advisor to the leader of the Forward Party Gave a lecture on the topic “Strategy for advancing Before the day of entering the House"

Mr. Pitha said, “What do you say? Go ahead. Asking for the voice of those who choose to move forward a little. Excellent as usual There is no change.”

Mr. Pitha added that all the brothers and sisters of the Moving Forward Party who respect and love you. Even though we're apart But let me tell everyone that Not apart forever Because it will come back as great as before. 3 years and 185 days is a journey for us that we will never forget. He is pleased with what we have done together every day that we do together. It's about lighting a fire in the wind. Starting a fire in the wind can be difficult. But together we are succeeding.

Mr. Pitha stated that whether you hope to be fulfilled or disappointed. But when the fire is lit in the wind Don't let it go out at all. When will you come back? Definitely keep the lights on as before. I told my brothers and sisters that Not apart forever Come back again, move forward, go far across the country. But brothers and sisters, don't misunderstand. Don't listen to the academics. Don't listen to the political gurus who say Although the new leadership will be temporary leadership But he is not a leader who disobeys the army in any way. He is the true leader of the Forward Party.

“The Progressive Party is not a matter of individuals. We are people and journeys. Even if one person is absent, has to resign, have his rights disenfranchised, or change parties, the core is still there. That is, supreme power belongs to the people. We are the river of hope We are a stream of possibilities. We are a stream of faith. Therefore, whoever misunderstood the party leader just now It's just the leader of the party disobeying the army. He misunderstood because he is the real voice of the democratic side," Mr. Pitha said.

“How do you love Pitha? Must love Chaithawat like that As I told my brothers and sisters, Our progressive party is people and travel. It is a stream,” Mr. Pitha said.

Mr. Pitha emphasizes that we are a river that keeps flowing. Even though there are obstacles We are able to flow continuously. Water stream near the ground means close to the people Water always flows from top to bottom. It means humility. No, rain goes up into the sky, it must fall on the ground. But when the stream The river is being squeezed and pushed a lot. The river is ready to collapse like the results of past elections.

Mr. Pitha said: Be a river, no matter what form it takes. No matter what type of product it is in, it can be adjusted. It can be ice. It can be steam. As long as our ideology remains the same As long as our principles remain the same As long as our content remains the same As long as we have the same dreams and goals.

“A dream without a goal is just a dream, right? our goal In political work, although being in the opposition is the aggressive opposition before coming up Yesterday I met a foreign reporter and he asked me what the Progressive Party will do next. If you win, you can't manage. Brothers and sisters, do you know what I answered? I led the first election and got 151 from 50 to 150. I'll hold the next election. Compare the Triyang Law and know how much it will become from 150,” Mr. Pitha said.

Mr. Pitha stated that when a dream has a goal Win that election Don't rule anymore, let it be known. We will be a proactive opposition. There would still be a question: So what about proactive opposition? How is it different from the general opposition? I had to tell my siblings in one sentence. Hopefully the brothers will remember and use it to publicize further. The Kaew Klai Party will be an opposition party that does not only oppose the government. It will be the opposition that is on the side of the people. It will be the opposition that will continue to accumulate victories. Until it becomes the best government of the Thai people with a strategy of competing, shifting and expanding.

1) We are ready to compete in every election arena, 4 years, 4 big arenas, making great progress throughout the country for sure. First year Provincial Administrative Organization, second year municipalities, third year Bangkok Governor, fourth year big elections, see you.

2) Completing the race is not enough. We also have to move. Now we have district MPs, party lists, local councils, Somchid, and foundations. When we move, it doesn't move alone. Not just the president It's not just the boss moving. When we move together, we move together as organs. Don't let it be known.

3) Finally, we need to expand. He was very confident that The Progressive Party will expand its membership base to over 80,000 people, increasing by 10,000 people per month. One day, soon, the Progressive Party will expand its member base. and is the party with the number one number of members in Thai political history. And soon the dreams we have together will become our reality that we can be proud of together.

“Don't forget what we've done together. We won by the rules he wrote. We won when no one thought we could win. We won the election with the greatest public participation in Thai political history. Let's carry on until we reach the finish line. How to move? must move together In order to move forward Going far across the land,” Mr. Pitha said. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency