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Prime Minister urges disciplinary investigation of Pol. Gen. Permpoon

Theerachchai" urges the Prime Minister to take disciplinary action. "Pol. Gen. Permpoon" after the NACC found fault in helping the case of "Boss Yoovidhya" believed he did not dare to remove himself from the chair of Education Minister because he was from an important party. I sincerely want to catch the wrongdoers and punish them. Stop inequality in the justice process

Mr. Teerachchai Panthumas, MP for Bangkok, Progressive Party, held a press conference on the case yesterday. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has issued a press release on the case of sending the name of Pol. Gen. Phoempoon Chidchob, Minister of Education, to the Prime Minister for disciplinary action. Which is related to the case of Mr. Worayut Yoovidhya, which occurred on September 3. 2012 where a car crashed into a Wichian police officer Klanprasert until his death. It is a case where the public is interested in this matter. There are legal proceedings and there are many doubts that there are officials involved in changing the speed of the car to a speed lower than the legal limit. Complaint asking for fairness to order not to file charges in the case Including transferring the police officer who will issue a red notice to track down Mr. Worayuth. who fled outside the country A new police officer came and changed the warrant to be used only in government agencies. There was a transfer of a police officer who had a disagreement with the prosecutor, causing the case to be ordered not to prosecute, to be removed. And there was a new police officer who came in and did not contradict the prosecutor who ordered not to press charges.

Mr. Teerachchai said that after ordering several charges against Mr. Worayut, but later filed a complaint with the prosecutor 13 times until the 14th time was successful, the prosecutor ordered not to prosecute Mr. Worayut. This matter was brought up for a no-confidence discussion once. Including in the National Anti-Corruption Commission of the House of Representatives. We investigated until the end of the matter and sent the matter to the NACC committee from the no-confidence debate onwards. To this day, it is a matter that needs to be studied to Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, on how to proceed in this matter. Because previously Mr. Wicha Mahakhun, Chairman of the Fact and Legal Investigation Committee In the case of an order not to prosecute a criminal case that is in the public interest It has been said that this matter is against many groups of people. Important groups are politicians and high-ranking commanders. This is the person who ordered the transfer of the police officer who refused to issue a red notice. Including the police officer who will make a conflicting opinion with the prosecutor.

“The person who sits at the head of the Police Commission table That is, the Prime Minister at that time. I would like to know how the present Prime Minister will make this truth known. Police General Permpoon Chidchob, currently the Minister of Education, has been accused of this by the NACC. Even though it's a matter of discipline But the matter was sent to the Prime Minister, who is the Chairman of the Police Commission, who is the commander of the matter. 8 Suitability of the position of Police General Permpoon Chidchob as Minister of Education It's like being the head teacher of the country. Is it appropriate or not? to issue various policies Teach children to be honest. and to be effective in various ways because there are defects here,” Mr. Teerachchai said.

Mr. Teerachchai said that he would like to ask the Prime Minister how he will proceed with the disciplinary cases sent by the NACC. How will they be retrospective? How to order? in order to achieve real results and restore people's confidence in the justice system of this country. Because in the policy that the Prime Minister announced to Parliament, there was no clarity on the unequal justice process. Because it is a case that the public is interested in the inequality of the rich and the poor. When the poor do wrong they are fully prosecuted. But when people have status, there are various mechanisms to help them go out of the country. Has not been prosecuted until today And the NACC's findings are a guarantee that an event actually occurred even though the lawsuit has not yet ended. Executive leader and sees that there are inequalities in the justice process. This matter must be dealt with to end the current trend. That is, make sure that all those who have not yet been prosecuted are prosecuted. Those who assisted in this case have been prosecuted for what they did.

Mr. Teerachchai proposed using Biometrics to track down and arrest Mr. Worayut. If the Prime Minister is sincere, he must give orders to the Royal Thai Police to give priority to 26-27 countries in the Schengen visa group. There is a network of Mr. Worayut's companies located. Keep track of his planes coming in and out. It can be easily caught if you pay attention. It is a measure of the Prime Minister's mind to see whether he sees the inequality in the justice process or not. Confirmed that he will continue to monitor this case as a representative of the people to see what action the NACC or the Prime Minister will take next. It is a trace indicating that this matter actually has a basis for guilt. The Prime Minister is sincere and must deal with this issue honestly.

When asked if the Prime Minister should consider removing Police General Permpoon Resigning from the position of Minister of Education or not, Mr. Teerachchai said that if appropriateness is desired, one should do things that do not cause the country to be tainted or damaged. But he does not believe that the Prime Minister will dare to do that. Because of the party that you belong to and became a minister this time It's an important party. There's a high pitched sound right now. So I think the Prime Minister will not dare. But what will you do if you don't dare? How to explain it to the public? Therefore, it is thought that he did not dare because he was the main political party in setting up the government.

Source: Thai News Agency