Echoes of digital money 10,000 baht

Bangkok, Echoes of the 10,000 baht digital currency, some asking the government to adjust the criteria. Believe in stimulating the economy

Mr. Pichai Naripthaphan, Advisor to the Prime Minister Worried after Thailand's inflation has been low for 5 consecutive months while world inflation is still very high. US inflation is as high as 3.8%. It appears that Thailand's inflation this month October returned negative 0.31%, being negative for the first time in 25 months, which is a dangerous economic signal showing that people's purchasing power is decreasing. Therefore, large-scale economic stimulus is necessary. Before the Thai economy enters a recession and is difficult to fix, we therefore ask all parties to help consider this.

Mr. Chalee, 83 years old, elderly person, Nakhon Ratchasima resident. I agree that the government is moving forward with the policy of giving away 10,000 baht of digital money to use as expenses for buying food and groceries. Don't disturb your children. Overall, it is considered a good policy. Like Mr. Watchara, 53 years old, an electrical appliance repairman and a disabled person, he said that he would use the money to reinvest in purchasing spare parts for electrical appliance repairs. Want to get money quickly? because people lack working capital It helps relieve the burden of expenses for 1-2 months, which is considered to have a great impact on the people.

After the government issued clear conditions regarding digital wallets worth 10,000 baht, expanding the scope of use of the money to the district level. according to ID card and for Thai people aged 16 years and over with a salary of not more than 70,000 or a deposit of not more than 500,000, and it is expected that they will be able to use it in May 2024 and have a period of 6 months to use their rights. How do people view this matter? Especially Chiang Mai people There are many opinions. Let's go listen to the echo.

While some Chiang Mai people Even though I'm happy to get money to help reduce the burden on my family. But he said he wanted the money to come in this new year so it would stimulate the economy. And this money should be able to be used for purchases everywhere without restrictions. As for those who do not meet the conditions to receive 10,000 baht, they are disappointed because they pay the same taxes. Therefore, I would like to reflect on the government to change the conditions or apply the half-and-half principle. So that all Thai people will receive equal rights and distribute income in a precise manner.

The Superpol Research Office revealed the results of a study on "Danger is at hand" found that 76.0 percent of people have been deceived online by using social media. And even more than half of cyber security government officials, or 51.2 percent, have been victims of various forms of online fraud. And the government will distribute 10,000 baht of digital money to more than 50 million people nationwide. Totaling more than 500 billion baht, cyber thieves are ready to invest in technology to attack and take money worth hundreds of billions of baht from the government's digital money distribution policy.

Therefore, Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Announced to develop the Paotang app to use blockchain technology. creates high safety Transparency according to good governance principles Prevent corruption And the use of high safety technology to develop the country in other dimensions can be considered that Mr. Settha Will be the first Prime Minister of Thailand and the first person in the world who dares to use high security technology to make the country white and clean, reduce corruption problems and the suffering of the people, with sustainable success.

Source: Thai News Agency