Measures have been prepared to take care of the new season’s rice, oil, corn and palm products.

Nonthaburi, The Permanent Secretary of Commerce reveals that he has prepared measures to take care of rice, oil, corn, and palm products in the new season. There are many guidelines the Ministry of Commerce is preparing to propose to the meeting. The Cabinet will be able to approve it soon. It is expected that all measures will be able to support the production that will begin to enter the market in large numbers. Therefore, we hope that farmers all over the country can be relieved.

Mr. Keerati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in the 2023/2024 agricultural crop planting season by farmers who grow important agricultural products including rice, cassava, animal feed corn and oil palm. There is no need to worry that there will be no measures to take care of prices. After the produce will begin to be released to the market. Because now care measures have been prepared. and will be presented to the committee that oversees each type of agricultural crop for consideration. When a conclusion is reached, it will be presented to the Cabinet (Cabinet) for further consideration and approval. The

rice products that are being produced are about to begin being released to the market. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, will visit the area in Udon Thani Province to Listen to problems and suggestions They also arranged to meet and discuss with farmer representatives on October 30, 2023, before compiling proposals and rice care measures. Propose to the National Rice Policy and Administration Committee (NRCT), chaired by the Prime Minister, for consideration on November 1, 2023, with measures to be used such as measures to delay sales by storing rice in granaries. Interest compensation measures Liquidity assistance and reducing costs which is confident that these measures It is enough to help control the price of rice during the period when there is a lot of produce in the market.

As for cassava products The Cassava Policy and Management Committee (NBMC) has considered measures that will be used to take care of them, such as providing loans for collection. Compensation for interest on stock keeping, etc., and animal feed corn products The Maize Policy and Management Committee (NFC) has considered measures to take care of it. Interest will be compensated for keeping the stock. and providing loans for gathering corn,

while oil palm, a sub-committee for managing oil palm and palm oil marketing We have considered the measures that will be taken to take care of them. It will help with management costs to release excess stock at 2 baht per kilogram, with a target of 2 hundred thousand tons, with the condition that the domestic crude palm oil stock is higher than 3 hundred thousand tons and that the price in the country is higher than the world market. But the stock threshold may be adjusted to 250,000 tons, including measures to push for use as alternative energy that will move forward, waiting to be submitted to the National Oil Palm Policy Committee (MPC) for consideration before proposing a proposal. Therefore, farmers and gardeners who grow each type of crop can be relieved. Especially for four important agricultural products, the Ministry of Commerce has already prepared measures. They have passed the committee that oversees them. Now, some species are proposed to be put on the agenda for Cabinet consideration. Some species are being prepared to propose to ensure that the measures will come out in time for the products to be released to the market. But the measures taken Some products may not be needed at all. Because the price is in good condition And the trend is still stable.

Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said that prices this week decreased slightly. After the products begin to be released to the market Jasmine rice is 15,500 baht per tonne, Pathumthani rice is 12,900 baht per tonne, royal rice is 11,600 baht per tonne, glutinous rice is 14,000 baht per tonne, cassava is 3.45 baht per kg, animal feed corn is 10.05 baht per kg, oil palm is 5.85 baht per kg. etc.

Source: Thai News Agency