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Accelerate to help students – students from Sudan continue their studies – get a job

Government House, May 19 - Deputy Government Spokesman reveals that the Prime Minister has ordered related units to speed up taking care of students. student from Sudan to receive continuous education until graduation The finished part to work.

Ms Ratchada Thanadirek, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said the government continues to monitor and look after 218 Thai people and their families who have returned home. After being closely affected by the unrest situation in the Republic of Sudan, which Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense was instructed to take full care Especially students, students, to return to study and get a job as soon as possible. for students Thai students returning from Sudan are supervised by the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC), most of them are still studying. and graduated

“According to students studying in Sudan It was found that most of them went on to study in the field of medicine. Islamic Law and Religion which on May 16, the past SBPAC held a meeting with students and all parties involved. so stay tuned Listen to problems and needs To provide assistance and receive continuous education until graduation As for those who have already graduated to be able to continue their careers as soon as possible After this, SBPAC prepares to meet with relevant agencies. especially educational institutions both inside and outside the area in order to consider further study in the desired and suitable faculties Including coordinating with entrepreneurs in accepting graduates to have jobs. According to the survey, there are about 220-224 students, 150 of which are Thai students, 100 of whom are in the southern region, because during the past COVID situation. Some of the students have already returned,” said the deputy spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office.

Ms. Ratchada said that SBPAC has listened to the needs. Student Concerns It found that graduating students were concerned about their qualifications and grades. This situation prevented it from receiving the stamp of approval from the Ministry of Education of Sudan. Sudan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Thai embassy in time making it impossible to apply for a job therefore wishing relevant agencies to coordinate with universities in Sudan to issue documents And in the meantime, ask relevant agencies to issue certificates confirming graduation. To confirm graduation can be used to continue applying for jobs

“The prime minister has ordered assistance for students. Fully affected students The relevant agencies are ready to help as soon as possible. Both in terms of requesting for graduation certificates, transfers and scholarships, ”Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office Said.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency