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Asking the police to arrest teenagers fighting each other in the Buddhist Lent candle parade throwing a ping pong bomb, 2 injured

Surin, Aug. 1-Joe fighting each other Throwing a ping pong bomb at the Buddhist Lent candle parade in Surin province, villagers who came to make merit ran away, injured 2 people, pleading with the police to arrest the perpetrators.

A temple in the city of Surin province has a candle parade for Buddhist Lent. The villagers have gathered money to provide sound equipment and hired a parade car for the teenagers to have fun. Then two groups of teenagers who came to the festival got into a fight, throwing bottles and throwing ping-pong ball bombs. Until 2 people were injured, volunteer rescuers from Ta Ong Subdistrict Administrative Organization and nursing staff 1669 were taken to Surin Hospital.

Villagers who witnessed the incident said that during the parade, the performance began. Saw a group of Ban Ta Ong teenagers dancing and having fun. As for the youths of Ban Yang, they were dancing. Then there was a skirmish between each other. and throw ping pong bombs The job was immediately terminated. The police officers who secured the event ran in. but could not catch the group of teenagers

The villagers asked the police to catch up with a group of teenagers to prosecute. and pay for damages on behalf of the host This is the first time that they have raised fights in the candle parade. As for the cause, it is expected to be caused by quarrels between dancing in front of the parade cars.- Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency