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Deputy Police Commander confirms that the suspect who killed his child was in normal mental health.

Bangkok, 21 Sep. - Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, confirmed that "M", the accused of child abuse, died - his mental health is normal, rushing to investigate whether "Jessada", his ex-wife, participated in the crime or not.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Revealing progress in the case of a father who beat his child to death in the area of Bang Khen Police Station, the accused has confessed to actually hurting his child. They claim that they committed the crime because they were annoyed by the sound of children crying. Meanwhile, Miss Sunan, his wife, has also been prosecuted. During the investigation, symptoms of stress were found.

As for the additional cases found, in the case of four other children with his ex-wife, all of whom were found dead. The incident occurred in the area of Bang Sue Police Station and Sai Mai Police Station.

Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Police It was stated that the accused confessed to injuring two children to death, while the other two claimed their deaths were due to illness. So it was buried in the ground. Along with revealing social trends, he noted that Continuing to cause incidents in this way Is the accused mentally ill or not? The investigative officer has had his mental health examined by a doctor. Communicates knowledge, answers questions directly, does not appear delusional. The doctor concluded that there was no mental illness, so it did not affect the prosecution or punishment.

While investigating Miss Jesada That ex-wife Initially, the reason given was that the incident was due to fear that her husband would harm her. Therefore unable to intervene. But overall it was very beneficial to the case. At the same time, investigators are in the process of expanding the results of DNA testing. To confirm father-mother-childhood. There has not yet been a report of the matter against Miss Jesada. because it is under investigation As for the search for evidence Today, police went to the area to inspect the spot that was identified as an additional burial spot and expanded their search of 4 rooms where the accused once lived. In addition, investigators were sent to investigate another ex-wife in Trang Province. At this time, we are still undergoing interrogation. -Thai news agency

Source: Thai News Agency