“Sawasdee D.C. Thai Festival” 190 years Thai-US

WASHINGTON, D.C., 2 Jul- Thais and foreigners alike join the grand event "Sawasdee D.C. Thai Festival". Forecourt of the Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., Celebrating 190 Years of Thai-U.S. Relations

Reporters reported that the Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., organized the "Sawasdee D.C. Thai Festival" at the park or National Mall in front of the Parliament Building. Arranging exhibition booths and Thai food and performances on the big stage The event started with a parade of Thai rallies from various states. dressed in Thai costumes and presents uniqueness and culture before the official opening ceremony The use of the name of the job with the word Hello as a greeting In English, Hello

Mr. Thani Sangrat, Ambassador of Thailand to Washington, revealed that this event was a celebration of 190 years of Thai-US relations, which we have had a long relationship. in politics, security, economy and culture between the peoples of the two countries and is a presentation of Thailand's Soft Power in various fields such as food, tourism Thai people with high friendliness, culture, martial arts, Muay Thai and Thai fruits, especially pomelo that we imported to Thailand for the first time. which the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand in conjunction with the US Department of Commerce There are also mangoes, mangosteens.

including investment that has been supported by various private sectors such as raising Thai shrimp in Florida also presented here and the presentation of the Thai community in the United States who join to support the event from many states, also presents the art of Thai massage that is the national heritage by the Thai Massage Association in the United States

“Today is a long holiday. National holiday July 4, the event held on this day to make him know Thailand know Thai products consume more Thai products including tourism that before the situation of COVID-19 More than a million Americans visit Thailand. And last year we visited 450,000 people, almost 50 percent of tourists have returned. especially quality tourists who are interested in arts and culture,” Mr. Thani said.

Reporters reported that In addition to the Thai people who attended the event There are still many foreign tourists attending the event. Especially eating Thai food at various kiosks that line up for a long time and take them to sit and eat. and see performances on stage, such as the New Orleans Jazz Band Thai massage show Golden Krathong Cooking Class Papaya Salad Competition, performances by 4 Mix and Elly Nitipon, with fans waiting to see it, some of whom traveled from abroad.

There are also Muay Thai demonstrations. by Muay Thai champion Buakaw Banchamek who created a joyful cheer with American children and spectators who volunteered to join in the rehearsal with Buakaw which during one of the shows Mr. Thani The Ambassador in Washington also participated in a fight with Buakaw-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency