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The ancient house, almost 150 years old, collapsed on the injured.

Kanchanaburi, July 2- An almost 150-year-old traditional house in Kanchanaburi's old market area collapsed. The owner does not allow the local authorities to renovate or improve. Even if someone contacted to buy the house, the owner refused to sell.

An ancient cement house collapsed, leaving only the walls on both sides along Pak Phraek Road. The old market area of Kanchanaburi After the Phithakkan Foundation staff received a notification from the Radio Center, Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station, rushed to inspect Found inside the house, there was still an injured woman, about 40 years old, hit by a piece of cement. chest pain Officers rushed to give first aid and took him to Phaholpolphayuhasena Hospital.

In addition, at the scene, a car parked at a red light on the roadside was also damaged. Two cars were damaged by rubble from a collapsed house, one of the owners of the damaged car said. At the time of the accident, he was parked at a red light near the house where the accident happened. Suddenly he saw the rubble collapse. Although trying to back the car away, but not in time, causing the car to be damaged by bricks and rubble.

While the villagers near the ancient house gave information that the house was over a hundred years old. It has been abandoned as an ancient house in a state of disrepair for more than 30 years. Although there have been people who have asked to buy from the owner of the house to be renovated, but the owner of the house refuses to sell. leaving the house in a state of disrepair Until it finally collapsed.

Initially, the police assumed that the house had been in a state of disrepair for a long time. when the injured woman Went to collect old things inside the house. The impact may affect the structure that is quite decaying. causing the structure of the house to collapse

The news team searched for information about this ancient house. It was found that this house was named Baan Chon Pin Klew. It is a house of the Vietnamese who came to live in the area of Pak Phraek Road. Built since 1875, the current age is 148 years. In the past, there were private sectors including local agencies trying to renovate the house. But without the permission of the landlord. Causing to be left abandoned in a state of disrepair until the aforementioned incident occurred today.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency