“Yaya” admires the wedding of “Mark-Kim”, as beautiful as a fairy tale

Glad that my friend is happy. "Yaya" watched the wedding of "Mark - Kim" as beautiful as a fairy tale. Asked for beautiful pictures from "Nadech" as an anniversary gift.

The next bride-to-be "Yaya Arassaya" opened up about her feelings of being one of the bridesmaids who were in the sweetest dream wedding moment of the newlyweds "Mark Prin - Kimberly" at Lake Como, Italy on September 14, 2023.

"Yaya" revealed that she is very happy with her friend. They are both very happy. We ourselves cried many times. The wedding was very beautiful, just like in a fairy tale. The weather was good, although it rained a little. They also praised "Mark" as a handsome groom and "Kim" as a very beautiful bride. I admit that when I saw Kim's work, I knew that it must be tiring. So I thought about what my friends would use for my own work. Because friends use us a lot.

Source: Thai News Agency